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5 Tech Tools that Can Help Make Your Telecommuting More Efficient

Dan Radak, Negosentro |  Working from home may seem like a dream come true; however, nothing in this life is sunshine and rainbows 100 percent...

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Top 7 Tech Business Ideas For A Great Start

Dorian Koci, Negosentro |  When you think about high-tech business, big names which strike your mind are Facebook and Google. But you need to think...

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Delivering Total Customer Satisfaction in 3 Simple Steps

Kevin Gardner, Negosentro |  Customer satisfaction is often overlooked when planning a business. Entrepreneurs and investors dig deep into more technical indicators of business health,...

Maximize Efficiency With These 4 Suggestions

Kevin Gardner, Negosentro |  According to Stephen Dubner, a co-author of Freakonomics and several other popular books, productivity is one of the most sought-after self-improvement...

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How to Outsmart your Competition

Mel Jacinto, Negosentro | In order to enjoy a career as a successful entrepreneur, it is vital that you are always one step ahead of...

How to look up for Best Manufacturer of Packaging Cartons

Zac Ferry, Negosentro | While finding what is inside the box, we usually ignore the packaging which obviously provides the safety to our product. So,...

7 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Jack Ma of Alibaba

Jason Grills, Negosentro |  Being an extremely successful businessman with an inspiring life story, Jack Ma is a great role model for a large number...

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Adam Leipzig is the CEO of Entertainment Media Partners, an American film and theatre producer, film executive and author.His talk, given in 2013, “How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes,” is one of the most popular TEDx Talks of all time, with more than 6 million views.

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