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Why Online Photo Books Are Better Than Photo Albums

Most of us are familiar with old photo album - a book filed with pages of clear plastic sleeves in add your 4x6 prints....

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fume extraction

How Fume Extraction Systems Can Ensure Your Business Growth?

If you are running a manufacturing plant that generates dust and fumes, then it is your responsibility to clean the air and make the...

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How to Be Successful as a New Business Owner

Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants their new business to become the next Amazon or the next Disney--any company that people joke, “They’re...

Shortlisted Nominees for The Outlook 2018 Awards Gala is Out –...

Lamudi, the Philippines’ leading online real estate platform, has announced the shortlisted nominees for The Outlook 2018: Philippines Buyers’ Choice Awards. Winners of The...

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Good Marketing Campaigns Can Improve Your Business

Most guides about digital marketing campaigns prefer to talk about the effects it has on your sales, your brand recognition and awareness. However, this...
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The Process of Moving your Business Data to The Cloud

Moving business data to the cloud is the quintessential way to run a successful venture in the modern era. It allows faster and efficient...
email-marketing-tips Gotta crush on someone? Don't Chase People. Work hard instead in being who you are and who you are to be. Let them chase you instead. He Said: In our youth, we tend to find ourselves in someone else. This happens especially when we're in love. We think that we are the person we are to be when we are in a happy loving relationship. But when that person leaves, we feel that s/he has taken away our souls with him/her. Wrong. There is strength in being alone. And it ain't lonely either. You have friends and family, right? You don't need a lover to be loved. Love yourself first. Find your purpose. When you're confident on who you are, see how "they" will chase you. Stay beautiful (and pogi)! She Said: Often times we pretend to be someone else to belong. To impress people. To get what we want, who we want. Stop pretending. Nakakapagod yun ha. Just be yourself. E ano kung di ka nila pansinin. What's important is those who will find their way to you will be the real people who are worth spending your time with. In time, in God's time, mahahanap ka rin nila. Real friends, real love. You're lucky if you have them already. Keep them tightly locked in your heart. God bless ☺.

2018 Email Marketing Industry Report from Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor has published an interesting new marketing industry report. The company has surveyed over 200 marketers and email experts to asses the state...

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Dado Banatao is a Filipino Billionaire based in Silicon Valley. He was born the son of a poor farmer in the rural Philippines. In the 1980s, he pioneered the PC chipset and graphics acceleration architecture that continue to be two of the foundation technologies in every PC today. Checkout his story here: The Dado Banatao Story