Hiring in the Digital Age

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By Ann Gabriel | Negosentro.com |

Recruitment and retention are one of the recurring challenges companies deal with each year. Now that we’re in a digital age, companies’ strategies and approach should match the hiring process.

1. Digital application

From the traditional resume and face to face interviews, the world of recruitment has changed drastically. Online job applications popped out and people began applying for jobs at the comfort of their home. The digital hiring model consists of using innovative tools such as social media as the primary screening method. One advantage of this is that a candidate’s background and digital profiles can provide more information than the traditional resume. Unlike before, the resume was just viewed as a piece of paper but now, with the use of online resumes, you can be provided with ample data like participation in conferences and volunteer work. This helps recruiters assess if a person is a right fit for the job. Interviews are also being conducted online through video conferences like Skype and Facetime. Phone interviews are also being utilized by industries especially the BPO sector. Webcam and phone interviews can be recorded for later viewing.

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2. The easy and fast application process

Job seekers of today see opportunities everywhere. You don’t want to lose a good candidate just because of the long process or long response time. Today’s application process should make them feel a great candidate experience by making the process fast and easy for them. Companies make use of recruitment marketing technologies including job boards, candidate job portals, and employee referral networks. Some employers can make the process engaging through their social media account and website if they can’t afford such systems.

3. Invest in your employment brand

Just like customers evaluating goods and services before purchasing, candidates also evaluate company brand before they even apply or accept the offer. That is why it’s important to invest in having an engaging, catchy and updated website. A well-designed website reflects the company’s brand image and core values. Companies should take time in checking how they are being reviewed by others as well.

Take advantage of resources and new tools to help you find the right hire for your business while saving time.


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