The Most In Demand Skills for the Industry Today

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We all want a good job that pays us well. First thing that Filipinos consider when looking for a job is: the available opportunity and its fit in their field of study or interests. Consider shifting careers? You might want to check Philippine’s jobs and salary report for 2016. Good news to those whose field are under Information Technology (IT) as it continues its 3rd consecutive year trend for providing highest paying jobs across all levels.

In its 2016 report, jobs under IT-related specializations provide monthly salaries ranging between 38,000-86,550. Jobs in this level include software developer, systems analyst and IT developer. It was also noted that there was a significant 47% jump n salaries compared to 2015 report. This can be attributed to the rise of good economy and lowest unemployment rate in years. This is also a good sign and reflection of how the economy is doing.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs / Industries for Junior Executives are:

1. IT

Web developer, software engineer, programmer, analyst, virtual reality engineer

2. Law / Legal Services 

Paralegal, legal executive, private investigator, tax inspector, court legal adviser, patent attorney

3. Actuarial / Statistics 

Health analyst, product development, risk management, corporate actuarial modeling, pension consultant

4. Customer Service 

Customer service representative, customer care, service agent, sales product support

5. Training and Development 

Trainer, training specialist, training and workforce development, virtual training specialist, organizational development, workforce development

6. Public Relations / Communications

Publicity assistant, strategic communication specialist, communications associate, account executive, media relations

7. Banking / Financial Services

Auditor, bank manager, broker, dealer, economists, statisticians, investment advisers

8. Arts / Creatives

Activities associate, artists, dancers, actor, painter

9. Finance

Chief finance officer, finance manager, public accountants

10. Marketing / Business Development

Advertising, promotions, brand managers, sales, market research analyst, public relations associate


According to jobstreet, of all the 10 industries, call center or BPOs are the country’s number one (1) employer. Does your job fall under the top 10?

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