Top 6 Top Websites for Filipino Online Freelancers


by Ana Margarita Olar | | With the limitless boost of the internet, many work opportunities are now sprouting online.

And because Filipino skills and talents are renowned worldwide, many companies hire Filipino workforce for different jobs.

Here are the top websites you can visit as an online freelancer:

online freelancers 2

This is one of the Philippine-based websites for online freelancers established in 2003, developed by Jeramil Cruz and Glen Concio.

Looking for freelance jobs and hiring the best freelancer is a difficult task. This site allows employees to post their requirements conveniently so that freelancers can apply for a job that suits their skills and ability.

This website is for an online freelance writer who writes passionately and wants profit from it. Anyone can apply online by filling out a form on their website.

The applicant should possess BS, Masters or Ph degree and have a writing experience. Having an efficient English and grammar skills are also an advantage. The average salary of freelancers here is $750 monthly.

Virtual Coworker

This website believes in the talent of Filipinos including impressive English proficiency, work values, and reliability. If you want to be a freelance virtual assistant, you can apply to this website because they cater to BPO Company.

You can work in a virtual office place where you are also required to time in and report to an officer on duty but right at the comfort of your own home. Full time and part time positions are available.

This online writing website started small back in 2008 but now has more than 50,000 freelance writers and 23,000 accomplished projects.

Aside from endless writing job opportunities, it also harnesses friendly and enjoyable community where writers can share work experiences, tips and gigs with each other.


This website is the den for creative online freelancers. It’s a cool place for Filipino animators, photographers, artists, web designers and other creative freelancers to showcase what they got and earn from it.

It has several job offerings including writing, researching, making presentations, proofreading, and editing.  You have to offer your best skill. And in order to qualify, an applicant must have good computer skills and a stable internet connection. And when you are hired, earn your reputation by never missing a deadline. The monthly salary can be $800 even higher.

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If you’ve got skills, flaunt it don’t hide it. And prove to the world that the Filipinos are the best.

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