New to London – 5 Essential Tips

New to London – 5 Essential Tips
Photo by Joanna Zduńczyk from Pexels

Negosentro | New to London – 5 Essential Tips | Do you have plans to move to London very shortly? Are you getting excited about the move but also want to be sure it’s as seamless and positive of an experience as possible? Moving to any city or town is bound to create a few challenges, but with a big city like London, some essential tips can make the process much easier. These tips can take much of the stress, worry and even confusion out of the move.

Secure Accommodations Early On

Before you even start thinking about getting to know London and finding your way around, it’s important to secure accommodation. Rooms to rent in London will vary in price, amenities, location, and size, so the sooner you start to look, the better. In terms of the best places to live in London, that is based on personal preference. Some may wish to be close to work, school, friends, entertaining, dining, shopping, public transit or any other amenity or service. It’s best to create a must-have list to help you narrow it down and find the perfect spot.

Take Time to Act Like a Tourist

Once you arrive and unpack, it’s time to act like a tourist in London. Giving yourself a few days to explore and get to know London is a great way to feel more confident in your new surroundings. While you won’t be able to learn all there is to know in a couple of days, you can at least familiarise yourself with the basics. You can learn your route to work, find the nearest shops for food, nearby bars and pubs, green space and more.

Look for a Job Right Away

If you don’t yet have a job in London, this should also be a top priority once you arrive. It’s a good idea to start networking before your move, hopefully securing some leads or even a few job interviews so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Be Realistic About the Cost of Living

For those new to the city, the cost of living can come as quite a shock, so it’s a good idea to be realistic about your budget. The cost of living is much more than just your accommodation since it also includes transportation, groceries, dining out, shopping, entertainment and so forth.

Get Out and Socialise

While much of your efforts may be focused on the logistics, it’s also important to start to lay down roots, and that means socialising. Meeting people will help you to feel welcome and more settled, allowing you to build a community of friends. 

There are plenty of ways to accomplish this, from online groups, to joining a local class, heading to the pub to chat with people and just putting yourself out there. Once you have a job, you can then connect with co-workers and ask to tag along to get to know the city better.

With all these tips, you’ll find that moving to London doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Instead, it will be an exciting one to embark on.

Photo by Joanna Zduńczyk from Pexels

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