How to Boost Your Presentation Skills

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Whether or not you are presenting in front of a crowd, a potential business partner or CEO, your skills as a speaker will always affect the outcome of your presentation. It’s important to always have a pitch to influence your audience.

1. Prepare

Majority of those who present nervously are the ones who came unprepared. That is why it is important to do your pre-works. Study your audience and match your style. Having background information about your audience will help you tailor your presentation based on the manner where they can understand you best.

2. Study your presentation

Hook your audience by providing information and benefits. Your opening should always touch your audience emotionally so you can create a connection. This can be in the form of a rhetorical question or a story. Your body should stick to key points so it’s easier to be remembered. Closing of your presentation is something that the audience will remember and end on a positive note.

How to Boost Your Presentation Skills
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3. Practice

While it can be difficult for those with hectic schedules to allot time, speakers gain more confidence when they practice. Practicing is not synonymous to memorization. You do not want to sound over-rehearsed, right? You can rehearse in various ways: videotape yourself, speak in front of a mirror or ask someone to listen to you while you talk. In this manner, you can point out if your pacing is too fast, if your voice is too soft or if you have unnecessary mannerisms. Think of your presentation as having a conversation so you don’t feel nervous. Don’t forget to take a couple of days to relax before the big day.

4. Improve your delivery skills

The attention span of adults lasts 5-12 minutes. Don’t dwell on specific subjects for too long. You can keep your audience engaged by asking them questions and matching their semantics. Also, avoid fillers when conducting presentations such as “umm, uh, hmm.” Lastly, be mindful of your body language. Too much body language distracts your listeners. Stand at a comfortable distance and make eye contact with one person at a time. This makes you appear confident.


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