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Established in 1962, Walmart is a multinational retail corporation that has become the world’s largest company by revenue. With over 2.3 million employees, it is also the largest private employer worldwide. After looking at these stats, naturally, you might be wondering how Walmart operates as a company, and what career opportunities and benefits packages it offers. Here are four hidden perks of applying at Walmart. Career Opportunities Walmart plenty of career opportunities both in stores and at a corporate level. Applicants do not need any prior experience and offers employees the opportunity for professional and personal growth and to have an impact on the community that they are serving. The company caters to individuals from diverse demographics and backgrounds and offers a diverse list of entry-level positions: Greeter – All Walmart stores have one. Their job is to meet customers, and also assist the client when the situations asks for it. The greeter can help the client select a cart, provide information about discounts and coupons, or give directions to a certain section of the store. Walmart is known and appreciated for its open hiring policies regarding people with disabilities, and this position is very popular amongst them as it is focused purely on customer service. Cashier Money centers associate Cart retriever Trucker Warehouse associate Electronics sales associate Walmart stocks Distribution associate Sales associate Maintenance Pharmacy job As for the corporate side of the company, Walmart offers the following positions: Marketing and communications Corporate affairs Technology Logistics, merchandising and products supply Financial and internal audit services Human resources Legal Costumer service Software engineering People can also apply to managerial positions at individual stores. Generally speaking, there are two management jobs available at every single Walmart store: Assistant managers – supervises associates and sales in a certain area or department of the store. Shift manager – this position involves aiding communication between employees and departments in shift hours. On a regional a regional scale, they focus their efforts on increasing business and sales for several designated stores in a particular area. If you are interested in any of these positions, all you have to do is submit your resume online. Walmart has put together an efficient system to provide users with an easy, transparent and intuitive application process. If you want to expand your knowledge on this particular subject, you can always seek more info on Walmart application. Upwards Career Mobility Walmart offers a lot of different jobs, and you can move between them very easily through hard work and dedication. Walmart put together a system that can alert employees as soon as a different position is available, so if an associate want to move to a different department, they can do just that. Employees are never stuck on the same position. The company’s policy encourages growth and skill diversity, and if employees show dedication and a willingness to improve, they can, for example, advance from cashier up to management and, after a while, to corporate. Inclusive and Respectful Corporate Culture Walmart has an inclusive corporate culture that values hard work, superior customer service and creating a work environment that allows employees to improve their performance and create better lives for themselves and the customers. Walmart emphasizes human values that revolve around respect, empathy, fairness, and honesty, principles upon which Walmart built the company’s policy: Customer first – the costumer’s needs are always the company’s top priority. A focus on frontline service – the associates (employees) are encouraged and empowered to serve the customer at any time. Innovation and flexibility – the associates are motivated to perform their jobs in smart and creative ways. Inclusiveness – both the associates and the company as a whole embraces people of different ideas, principles and experiences. Team spirit – associates are always visible, available and willing to collaborate with others to help and offer and receive feedback. Honesty and fairness– Walmart’s corporate culture values honesty, fairness and trustworthiness. Top performance – associates strive to set and accomplish goals, all for the benefit of the customer. Accountability and responsibility – associates are accountable for their actions, take responsibility when it is necessary and celebrate their personal and collective successes. Generous Health Care Benefits Package Since its inception in 1962, one of the company’s top priority was offering employees top-notch health care benefits packages, which eventually became one of the best in the retail industry. Both full time and part time associates have access to the company’s health care package, which is affordable, covering 100 % of the cots of preventive care, contains no lifetime maximum, while at the same time offering an up-front contribution between $250 and $ 1000 to cover any medical expenses. The most popular health care plan that many associates opt for starts at $23.20 per pay period. Walmart’s health care plan offers the following types of insurance: Short and long term disability Fatal work and non work related accidents Life insurance paid by the company Critical illnesses Accidents that occurred during business travels Walmart’s health care package offers the following plans: Medical plans starting at $23,20 per pay period. Vision plan. Dental Plan. The plan also covers domestic partners. Health package covers the costs associated with different medical procedures related to the knees, heart, and spine, as well as surgeries for hip replacement, lung, breast and colorectal cancer. Finally, as for the financial benefits, the plan includes the following perks: Standard 401 (k) retirements savings, and matches up whatever you contribute to this plan up to 6 %. Stock options A special Walmart Discount Card that allows associates to purchase fresh vegetables, fruit and general merchandise at every Walmart store on a 10 % discount. The list of products includes alcohol, tobacco, clearance items, produce, and deli. Around the holidays, Walmart includes the majority of foods products as a present to employees. Employees get a special, one-time 25 off coupon on Thanksgiving. Associate discount plan that provides employees with discounts on good and services, such as travel, entertainment products, and cell phone services, that Walmart stores do not offer. Conclusion Walmart is a company with a comprehensive corporate culture that values hard work, dedication and diversity. Moreover, the company offers great career opportunities and generous health care benefits. If you want to find out more specific details, give this article a thorough read, and you will receive all the information that you need.

The 4 Hidden Perks of Applying at Walmart

Established in 1962, Walmart is a multinational retail corporation that has become the world’s largest company by revenue. With over 2.3 million employees, it...

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Dado Banatao is a Filipino Billionaire based in Silicon Valley. He was born the son of a poor farmer in the rural Philippines. In the 1980s, he pioneered the PC chipset and graphics acceleration architecture that continue to be two of the foundation technologies in every PC today. Checkout his story here: The Dado Banatao Story