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This Week’s Features

  • How-To-Stick-to-Your-Budget-If-You’re-a-Struggling-Millennial

    How To Stick to Your Budget If You’re a Struggling Millennial

    Maria Suzanne Plana | Negosentro.com Most millennials are struggling to save their income because of their ‘keeping up with the trend’ lifestyle. One way to save money is to make a budget. But it is often overlooked by many because, let’s face it, it’s a commitment. Here are some tips on how to stick to …
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  • Earn-and-Save-Money-while-Shopping-Online

    Earn and Save Money while Shopping Online

    Maria Suzanne Plana | Negosentro.com Online shopping is tricky, it is so easy and accessible that you cannot help but overspend sometimes. If you are an avid user of online shopping websites, check out Shopback. With this cashback website, you can earn and save money while shopping online. Shopback is a well-known cashback website in …
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  • water-refilling-feature

    How to Start Water Refilling Station Business

    Water is a necessity, especially potable water. With the health risk of water-borne diseases, many people are now willing to spend for a bottle of clean and potable water. That is why starting water refilling station business is a viable business nowadays. Here are some guides on how to start water refilling station business: MAKE A …
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  • vpn1

    Which Are The Best Android VPN Apps

    Negosentro.com | How good are you at protecting your privacy? Too many of us don’t try very hard to keep at bay all the potential threats on the internet, and most of us don’t even know what they’re dealing with. The key to protecting yourself is knowing what might come across your path, and this …
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  • web-dev

    Things To Know Before Choosing A Web Design Company

    Negosentro.com | Websites could be one among the great tools you could use for your business. However, if you choose a web design company that is not a fitting match to your budget and the purpose, it can turn out to be a time consuming and an expensive nightmare. Purchasing a website seems to be …
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  • dental-visits

    The Role of Dental Visits in Promoting Good Health

    Negosentro.com | Dentists advise their patients to schedule a minimum of two visits annually because going to the dentist regularly is vital for maintaining dental health. Along with regular examinations, you need to play your role by keeping your teeth and gums as clean, strong and healthy as possible. If you require extra help, your …
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Lessons from the Mavericks

  • sync_sessions

    Pinoy indies to play on free workshops of Power Mac Center Sync Sessions 2016

    Negosentro.com | Power Mac Center sets the stage for the return of its extraordinary musical fete Sync Sessions, with the introduction of Masterclass sessions by OPM legends and technical trainings on music production apps. Completing the experience are in-store live performances from homegrown independent acts.   Sync Sessions is an audio experience that showcases the …
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  • seo123

    The Best Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using

    Negosentro.com | Businesses are always looking for ways to minimize costs, so anything with the word “free” attached to it is worth checking into. SEO is no exception to this rule. While there are many great seo tools out there, most of them cost quite a lot of your precious money. If you’re a beginner …
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Video Pick


Youtube videographer Evan Carmichael profiles Beyonce. She’s an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She performed in various singing and dancing competitions as a child, and rose to fame in the late 1990s as lead singer of R&B girl-group

My Biz

  • customer-service-1-feature

    5 Reasons Customer Service should be Much More than Rules and Policies

    A customer is what a company is all about. Just like employees, they come in various shape, size and personalities. There are courteous customers and employees. But there are also rude customers as well as employees. Customer service is not just one department. Integration of customer service is a must to the entire aspect of …
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  • vpn1

    Which Are The Best Android VPN Apps

    Negosentro.com | How good are you at protecting your privacy? Too many of us don’t try very hard to keep at bay all the potential threats on the internet, and most of us don’t even know what they’re dealing with. The key to protecting yourself is knowing what might come across your path, and this …
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Business Travel & Leisure

  • construct

    Learning More About Highly Skilled Custom Builder

    Negosentro.com | Building a new house is considered as a huge investment. Thus, it is very essential to hire the best builder the very first time. A highly skilled custom builder not only provides advice to the customer but also plays an integral part in designing. They understand the customer needs and try to satisfy …
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  • body_care_must_haves

    Infographic: Body care products that should be in your closet

    Negosentro.com | We all know that a healthy body and skin both are indicative of our well-being. Many diseases can be prevented through proper body care. A complete body care and body polish should be a part of our daily routine chores. It is very much important what you put onto your body for its …
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Money | Success

  • How-to-be-Financially-ready-for-Christmas, How-to-prepare-for-the-Holiday-Season

    How to be Financially Ready for Christmas

    Mary Rae Floresca| Negosentro.com Going on a holiday break? ‘Tis the season to go splurging-or not. Here’s how to prepare financially for those Christmas wish lists, treats and travel. It’s the start of ‘ber’ months, and if you haven’t saved enough already, it is not too late to save more cash with these tipid tips. …
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  • Red-Flags-that-you-CAN-handle-your-money, signs-you-can-handle-your-finances

    Red Flags that you CAN handle your money

    Mary Rae Floresca| Negosentro.com Being financial-savvy is your ticket to financial freedom. Here are signs that you are already on the right track in handling your money. If you aren’t then these are your goals! 1. You have a savings account Nope, that’s not it, you have a savings account and it remains untouched on …
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  • tax_time

    10 Small Business Tax Deductions You May Not Know Of

    Negosentro.com | As a firmly supported topic in politics around the word, small businesses are making their way back into the spotlight. World leaders have recognized the importance of small businesses in the economy and now, more than ever, is the best time to start your own. In the United States, the current presidential election …
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Retailing Tips & Trends

  • smartphones

    Can Mobile Marketing’s Versatility Extend to a B2B Climate?

    Negosentro.com | In the digital world, versatility is everything. The smartphone has come a long way, and it’s evolved to bring us promotional offers, emergency alerts, notifications and even appointment reminders via SMS messages. Mobile integration isn’t only useful to B2C gurus, either. Today, mobile marketing’s dynamic, ever-changing design fits the mold of most B2B …
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  • Cart

    Tips to Find Stainless Steel Medical Emergency Trolley

    Negosentro.com | It is true that Stainless steel medical emergency trolley is quite popular in health care industries; however not many people know that device is very handy in delivering catering services. Due to huge popularity, there are numerous dealers providing the product, but it is important to follow certain tips to get the best …
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