Vietnam Travel Tips for Hongkongers

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When it comes to exploring, Vietnam is one of the best places and you can get Vietnam Visa in Hong Kong easily. The weather is warm, but the heat is not unbearable at noon. It can be a little difficult to walk in the city, but at night it usually refreshes. The rains are usually intermittent, it can rain heavily an hour and then the sun rises. And almost everyday in the wet season, it rains a little.

Activities in Vietnam:

One of the most repeated tips for traveling to Vietnam is to visit Halong Bay. The tours range from $ 30 to 100, and the amenities they offer are also diverse. As there is everything in the market, I recommend getting informed before hiring one since experiences can be bad. If you walk through Hanoi, you will find many people who offer this tour. There are a few tour services, which are sold by many companies.

Transportation in Vietnam:

In Hanoi, city buses work quite well, although it is not necessary to get away from the city center to see all its attractions. Taxis work well, they are not very expensive, and there is no problem using them.

In some places, it is common to rent motorcycles. I recommend that this be done by people who have driving skills because motorcycle traffic is quite heavy it can be dangerous for those who are not used to it. Unlike other countries, the use of a helmet is mandatory and it is rare that they rent you or take you on a motorcycle without offering you the helmet.

Interested to travel?

If we ask ourselves how to get a visa to Vietnam, the answers may vary depending on how we arrive in the country. If you arrive in Vietnam by land, by ship or by a small airport, you must first have a visa. On the other hand, if the arrival is by one of the three main airports in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi or Da Nang. You can get a visa to Vietnam at the moment, although you need a “letter of prior approval” issued by the authorities of the country there are several sites on the internet that offer it.

Besides, once at the airport, it is necessary to have two visa forms, a passport valid for more than six months and passport photos.

Take out the visa at different embassies

In general, the procedure in the embassy is quite simple, the problem would be for those who cannot stay three days in the cities where the consulates-embassies are located.

Take out the visa to Vietnam from Hong Kong

You can get a visa to Vietnam in different countries of Southeast Asia. We process our visas in Hong Kong, at the Consulate General of Vietnam, located near Causeway Bay. We carry passports on a Tuesday and receive visas on a Friday. I didn’t quite understand the issue of dates. We only had to take passport-type photos, complete the form and pay the fee, we were not asked for medical insurance or proof of accommodation. The cost of the visa, for one month and one entry, is 45 US dollars.

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