Dubai Hospitality Industry In The Past And Future

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According to the Global Destination Cities Index 2017, Dubai is the fourth most visited destination by tourists globally as Dubai has the largest hospitality sector with a massive increase in new hotel setups. Dubai is considered as a shopper’s heaven by the middle-class tourists who want to visit for business purposes or leisure. The Emirate invested in their tourism infrastructure and broadened new source market globally. The experts believe that the opening of new attractions in Emirate will bring more tourists from all over the world. Furthermore, leisure demand is expected to increase with the introduction of new setups such as hotels in Bur Dubai, Safari park and the world’s longest zipline. With the opening of new theme parks, cultural attractions and EXPO 2020, Dubai is considered as the most significant center of attraction, which will put positive impact on economy and also for the mid-market division. This trend will continue to grow in the future which will make Dubai one of the leading investment destination for the hospitality sector.

One of the major concerns of the Dubai hospitality sector is to position the city into the family destination by arranging family festivals and theme parks etc.

The Dubai hospitality sector is ready to welcome a new generation of travelers in future. These travelers will not only be motivated by traditional hotel ratings but also with personalized and culturally conscious experiences. Their hospitality industry setting up new luxury hotels to meet the demand and supply of this sector.

Dubai hospitality sector will be considered as one of the critical venues for investment. The large part of the investment is expected into hotels, hotel apartments, resorts & spa, wellness centers and restaurants etc.

Dubai hospitality sector in future

Dubai hospitality sector believes that the Emirate needs more budget-friendly hotel rooms than over high-end rooms to attract budget-conscious tourists across the globe. Though the current occupancy may be estimated lower in the coming months but the research shows an incredible increase in tourism in the next few years. With the warm weather throughout the year and surplus leisure and relaxation facilities it offers a perfect combination to tourists to visit Dubai. The desert adventure, beach activities, parties, fun at the shopping malls, tour down the Emirate historical locations and the sporting centers, Dubai assumes far much more than all this. Luxury hotels of all kind, boutique hotels, budget hotels are the mainstream components to attract people but that is not all; the department of tourism expects more national and international brands to set their camps in Dubai in near future.

As a report from Deloitte Consulting, Dubai is targeting 20 million tourists annually by 2020. Due to this factor Dubai’s hospitality industry is expecting to touch new heights of popularity in the future. The government is making full efforts to turn the dream into reality.

Furthermore, the EXPO 2020 will also catalyze this sector for tourists with unique opportunities and world-class open destination. The expectation from EXPO 2020 is 25 million people who will visit this fair which will result as increase in hotel’s rooms demand. The Dubai hospitality sector has announced that its hotel inventory will set to increase in coming years.

With all this, as Dubai hospitality industry is expanding, the competition among different hotels is also increasing rapidly. Hotels management is trying to grab this opportunity and to attract the maximum number of visitors to boost their revenue by offering them affordable hotel deals and implementation of creative marketing ideas. Such as using advanced technology, providing them comfortable environment, gifts, transport facility and all the luxuries with other additional room facilities. Dubai hotel deals are matchless. Hotels run loyalty programs to satisfy their customers. These programs can help them to improve their services and market value. Hence, the loyalty programs are the best way to attract guests. Some hotels are trying to appeal to the budget conscious travelers by offering advance properties in more affordable prices. While others are focusing on providing them great entertainment sources.

With the increase of tourists belonging to all social categories, the luxury hotels are making trending offers which are affordable for all classes. They are providing comfortable and practical solutions to the tourists. 

Best areas and on-budget hotels

Hotels in Bur Dubai are nature abound in a range of wildlife attractions, waterfront walking paths and golf courses. This historic neighborhood makes Bur Dubai a perfect area to stay, with all the fantastic and affordable hotel packages. These hotels provide visitors an easy reach to the historical surroundings by arranging tours on traditional boats (Abras) and colorful souks to floating markets. The city’s tallest minaret, Iranian Mosque and Dubai museum lies in few minutes walking distance.

Additionally, with all the best Dubai hotel deals and comfortable family environment, Bur Dubai is one of the most preferred areas in Dubai.

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