A Week in Florida on a $34,000 Salary

A Week in Florida Establishing a Business in Florida
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A Week in Florida on a $34,000 Salary | Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

Today: an influencer who makes $34,000

Occupation: influencer

Age: 28

Location: Cape Coral, FL

Salary: $34,000 (approx. $1,308 per pay period)

Day One

My job doesn’t exactly have set working hours, so I start the day off with a cup of coffee on my deck. Once I’ve emptied my cup, I head inside and open my laptop, fueled with a fresh cup of joe and my social media schedule app. I spend some time scheduling posts, then responding to comments and emails from followers and brands. I post an Instagram story discussing three signs of an inefficient AC in your Lee County, FL, home, an issue I’ve been dealing with myself. Appliance repair isn’t usually my niche, but I don’t want others to face the confusing world of refrigerants alone! I’ve had to do just that, paying the bill for my HVAC repair slowly but surely—including a portion of it that’s due today.

Total: $110

Day Two

After yesterday’s post, I’m not surprised by the influx of appliance questions coming my way. For the most part, my responses have to be something along the lines of “check your warranty and contact a technician.” Still, I’m able to share some insight from my own experience. For instance, one of my followers is deciding between repairing and replacing a refrigerator in their home. I get it—a new appliance isn’t exactly a cheap choice, especially if you’re a new homeowner like me. My unqualified advice aside, I’m able to get back to my regular fashion-forward content later in the day. Selfies and Starbucks are much more my style.

Total: $12

Day Three

While it’s not exactly a gig I’d turn down, my social media work isn’t my long-term goal. For now, I’m hoping to build an online following and get some sponsorships in the process. Long-term, though, I want to become a model. Finding success as a male model won’t be easy, or so I’ve been told, but this isn’t my first time moving through an underappreciated, overly saturated field. I’m getting new headshots later this week but, until then, I’ll have to be content with posting my Whole Foods salad and a shot of the beach to Instagram. 

Total: $17

Day Four

Today, I’m spending time filming Instagram reels about skincare for men and my routine. The subscriptions for my social media scheduling software are due today, too, so I make those payments before dinner. Then, near sunset, I meet up with some friends for drinks just off the beach. 

Total: $189

Day Five

Mortgages shouldn’t be allowed to be due on Fridays, yet here we are. This is part of why I want my modeling career to take off quickly—this bill alone takes up most of my paycheck! I have more work to do in the afternoon, shooting and editing some photos and videos for my channels. I grab Chipotle for dinner and eat it by the water before heading home and signing off for the night. 

Total: $1,121

Day Six

This is an especially exciting Saturday because I’m getting headshots taken for my modeling portfolio. It’s just one small step to joining an agency or getting high-profile gigs, but it’s one step closer to that goal. It will be some time before I see the final products, but I’ll be getting offers in no time if the photographer’s previous work is any indication. 

Total: $200

Day Seven 

I snap a selfie looking over the water, then take a trip to Anthropologie. I’ve picked out a few particular pieces to add to my stock of social media props. I might not receive PR packs or sponsorships from brands like this yet, but I’ve got to give my audience what they want nevertheless!

Total: $134

Total for the week: $1,783

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