Investing in a Veranda – Aspects that Influence Costs

veranda investment

Bruno Zanderfield, NegosentroVerandas are standard features in many homes. They provide inexpensive ways to extend outdoor and entertainment spaces. The cost of a veranda will depend on its size and the materials that will be used during construction. The veranda serves as a platform along the outside area of a house and typically features a roof.

Verandas are often compared to patios, which are similar structures that consist of decked or paved areas. Construction begins with the floor where decking or paving is usually used. Options such as polycarbonate roofing are used so that the sunlight can filter through. Various aspects of the veranda should be carefully planned.

Layout and Design

  • Determine the location of the veranda and layout you prefer. This gives the designer or builder that you hire an ideal of what you expect and an accurate quote can be produced.
  • It is important to decide what type of roof you want for the veranda and whether or not the veranda will be enclosed.  
  • You also need to think about attaching and integrating the roof into the home or opting for a freestanding one.
  • Homeowners can expect to pay more for complex designs.

Materials and Builders

  • Verandas should consist of quality materials in order for the structural elements to last for a long time. A particular type of roof that costs more will be worthwhile if it guaranteed to last longer.
  • One of the crucial decisions you will need to make when planning for your home’s veranda is who you will hire to build it.
  • Set aside some time to consult different businesses and service providers before you make your financial decision.


How much do verandas cost? It is always a good idea to gather a minimum of three quotes. When you are aware of what the project will cost you can prepare a budget. Incorporate miscellaneous expenses to cater for unexpected or additional costs.

Building Permits and Regulations

Depending on your location, there may be some regulations and stipulations that govern this type of project. Some areas require planning permission or building approval before you attach a structure to your house. Find out what is applicable according to where you live. It is important to know the local regulations regarding your project prior to building.

Quick Tips

  • Factors that affect the cost of a veranda and the overall project include materials, design and labour. Costs will cover aspects such as decking, outdoor paving, floor surface and roofing. The expenses are linked to the materials that are selected and dimensions.
  • Get three quotes when you want to hire someone so that you can compare services and prices.
  • When you are ready to hire a service provider, make sure you make the right choice for the job. Some of the questions that you can as should cover licensing, insurance, written quotes, duration of the project, references and past projects.
  • Online resources are available for visual inspiration as you prepare to build the veranda of your dreams.
  • Before you end up with a veranda that is not within your budget, gather quotes from a number of veranda builders and find out what the project will cost.