How Your Cell Phone Can Influence Your Lifestyle


Mark Lauroni, NegosentroWhile smartphones are incredible tools, most people take them for granted. However, if you take a moment and think of all of the things they do for you, you begin to appreciate them, again.

Easier to Communicate With Loved Ones

There are many ways that a smartphone makes communication with loved ones simpler. For example, you can call your mom while you drive home from work, effectively multi-tasking. People will be making the most of BBM for android by messaging with family all day long.

You could call your husband and ask him to pre-heat the oven while you’re headed home so that dinner goes off without a hitch. From texting to emails, smartphones make staying-in-touch and team work easier.

More Exercise Options

For those who want to stay in shape, utilizing a smartphone just makes sense. From fitness apps to daily inspiration quotes and reminders, mobile devices make fitness a lot more inspiring. Whether you use a phone to monitor your improvements using My Fitness Pal, or to measure-out the right portion sizes using an online grid, your phone is a great tool for healthy habits.

Learn About the World

While you can always play Angry Birds to blow off steam or burn a few minutes before a meeting, there are educational options for entertainment, too. People today are choosing their mobile devices to learn about the world around them, choosing Discovery Channel apps and tactical brain teaser games.

Here are a few of the best, educational apps:

  • Languages is an app that teaches the user a variety of languages on different levels.
  • DailyArt sends one work of art to your phone each day, with a description of its importance and historical context.
  • Atlas by Collins will keep you and your children entertained for hours, exploring the Earth and its subtle structures. However, it requires 620 MB to download, so it’s not an app for every person.

Safer Banking Oversight

Not only does a smartphone make banking easier by allowing you to do transactions on-the-go, but it also makes it safer. Because people with mobile devices can easily monitor their accounts for suspicious activity, they’re rarely blind-sided by unauthorized transactions that are more than a few hours old.

Scheduling & Keeping Appointments Is Easier,

From time to time every person struggles with punctuality or keeping appointments. However, smartphones make it easier to track scheduled appointments and to receive reminders. People no longer must rely on stationary schedules that can be forgotten at the office, or reminders received at home while they are away on business.
By utilizing a calendar, reminders app and unique ring tone you can ensure that every scheduled appointment is remembered in time. Smartphones make it possible to check your schedule from anywhere in the world.

Your smartphone can be used as a tool to positively influence your life. You can setup reminders so that you become less forgetful and utilize healthy eating apps to lose weight and stay in shape. Regardless of your goals, there are ways to leverage your smartphone for success and efficiency.