10 Secrets for Making A Good Living Room Even Better

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Rome Fowler, NegosentroMost families consider their living rooms as the hearts of their homes. It’s arguably the place where you’ll spend the most time with your family, be it Christmas or just another lazy night in front of the TV. This is exactly why the living room in particular deserves some spicing up from time to time. It can be anything from a simple change of carpet to a complete rework including new furniture and a paint job. Here are some very basic tips to help you improve your living room quickly and effectively.

Furniture – Less is More

If you’re used to having a living room filled up with furniture you’ll be thrilled once you see the space with some empty space in between. Not only will you gain more space to maneuver, but you’ll also be saving money on all the furniture you don’t have to buy. Sounds great, right? Having a few pieces of high-quality furniture is always better than a living room stuffed with cheap stuff.

Don’t Neglect the Ceiling

While everyone cares so dearly about the walls, rarely anyone ever thinks about the ceiling. As the most overlooked area of your home, there’s so much stuff that you can do with it. You can go with anything that fits your room, from plaster designs to one of those LED glowing ceiling designs. Even if you want to keep your ceiling plain, picking a color in contrast to your walls might work very well.  

Hanging Artwork at the Right Height

People usually fail to realize how much space a painting needs on the wall, thus losing on the wow effect in the process. Average human eye is about 57 inches from the floor, which is exactly where the center of the painting should be on the wall and why galleries hang it that way. However, if you’re feeling bold and want to do it your own way, there’s nothing stopping you as long as you don’t stuff the paintings too close to each other.

Use Wallpaper Unconventionally

Everyone loves when they enter a home and are met with something completely unexpected. This one requires some creativity on your part, but it’s all about mixing it up. You can put a wallpaper on the ceiling, or inside a closet, or anywhere you see fit. It will add some necessary warmth to your living room and you’ll also get to have some fun while you’re doing it.

Don’t Fall for a Theme Trap

Thematic living rooms are fine, but the problem with them is that people quickly get bored with it. It also lacks originality, as every theme has been used by so many people. You’ll want your living room more personalized, to give away something about the people spending time there. That’s why this article isn’t even trying to tell you exactly what to do, but to motivate you to think about it and personalize your living room to your needs.

Leave the Paint Color Choice for the End

What people most often do is that they’d pick a paint color and then they’d try to match everything else based on that choice. While it’s possible to get it all right, it’s much harder than the other way around. It’s much easier to pick a paint color once you’ve actually seen the stuff inside your living room and how it reacts to the lighting. If you find yourself in trouble, you can always contact a company that offers color consulting, like ASAP Sydney Roof Painters.

Have a Focal Point

A focal point is an eye candy, a true star of the room. It can be a rustic fireplace, a monumental artwork, or even a huge mirror. It’s the star of the room, something that will draw attention to itself and elevate some pressure from the rest of the room. Whatever you choose in the end, just make sure that it draws attention. And no, huge TV doesn’t count as a focal point.

Consider the Scale

You probably know this already, but what seems great in a store might look awfully big when you bring it into your living room. Or, on the other hand, it can be completely insignificant for its tiny size. This is why you should always keep scale and proportion in mind when waging whether to get something or not. Don’t try to just picture it in your living room, but actually measure it and see how much of your space it will occupy.

Edit your Accessories

You may be sentimental over a few pieces that are either long in the family or you’ve just grown to like them. If that is the case, don’t try to force them into your living room if they just don’t seem to fit. There’s nothing worse than a detail to ruin the entire room, so if you’ve got something like that going on just move them to another room, or better yet – in a drawer.

Personalize it!

No guide can tell you exactly how to design your own living room simply because it wouldn’t be yours anymore. It’s important to take this advice and apply it to your own needs, modify it as much as you see fit. That’s the only way you’ll end up with a personalized living room, the one where you and your family can spend some enjoyable time in.

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