Cruise Ship, known to be the fastest one of her time

Cruise Ship 1 | Many of you may not be aware of who we are referring to here. But people who have enriched knowledge about ships and history, they may recall her. Cruise Ship was considered one of the fastest boats of that time and of that size. Now she is resting in dry-dock at Greenwich. She was destined to move from China to London for the tea trade race going on at that time and caught public attention. She still remembers her performance for the trade inspite of the damaged rudder. After that, she is being used by the Australia wool trade. These clipper ships were built for their fast speed rather than carrying loads of weighing, which was the primary concern of that time. Her manufacturer’s focus was to deliver fresh tea across the world and within time. What will a true beauty it is if being crafted in small miniature as a remembrance?

People who are intensively interested in such history would do anything to have her miniature at their home or office. Many historians have studied her structure in detail to get the baseline of her formation. There is no doubt; all our designs somehow originated from those old ship models. Our navy industry is very much influenced by ancient designs that still hold some reputation in durability. If you want to keep Clipper Ship Models as a souvenir, then you can get it customized from

Clipper ship model as a baseline for the study

That time we might not have that technology to calculate the physical details of these ships, but now many studies being conducted on such boats. These studies have later been used by companies to create their miniatures that can be used as a masterpiece for house or office. People would like to receive such gifts. Not only gifts, but these miniatures are used to study their formulation and structure that helps ships company to recreate the structure. As this Cutty Sark is one the achievement of her time, people had a keen interest in knowing what features it had that make her that remarkable. 

Technology has made these ships model customization easy

Everyone is aware of the fact of how graphics have evolved over the years, and 3d printing is a plus on it. Earlier, these designs are being created with hands; now, everything is being drafted as a template and makes things easy for customization. You can easily avail these ship models on demand anytime. You can choose your choice of color, style, and design for creating model ships.

Many techniques have been used to study the structure of the Cutty Sark ship. Many softwares were used to develop the 3D CAD representation of her construction. 

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