USA Scratch Map: Planning Family Vacations Just Got Easier

family vacations | Family vacations are an amazing way for children and parents to have fun while growing closer together, but they take a lot of work to plan. What comes first? Eliminate all the places you’ve been before. You want something new when you take a trip, not more of the same, no matter how fabulous it was last time you were there. A scratch off map USA map is an easy way to keep track of all the places you’ve visited while also planning future trips.

newverestSo what exactly is a scratch off map USA? Picture those old school maps people used to pick up from roadside stands or gas stations. The kind that fold out and store in your glove box. Now imagine if that map was hand drawn by artists then printed on high quality poster paper that made it look more like a work of art than a store bought map. Now picture an outer layer of gold or silver foil that scratches easily away every time you visit a new place. That’s what you get with a USA scratch map.

For every state you visit in the USA, scratch it off your Newverest scratch off US map. Get the map framed and hang it on your wall, or use the self-adhesive stickers that Newverest includes with every scratch off map USA map. Once it’s on your wall, gather your family around and start planning your next vacation. Your kids can scratch off all the places you’ve traveled together in the past, then search their Newverest USA scratch map for new places to travel. makes a kid’s edition USA scratch map in addition to their original scratch off US map. You can use either to plan out your family vacations. Both include a family-friendly bucket list, bright colors, and an eye-catching design that will draw your kid’s attention and keep it. Why is it so much fun to scratch off a scratch off map USA map? Who knows? Kids and adults both get a kick out of it though. You’ll love being able to interact with the map directly instead of just looking at it.

Whenever your family thinks up a new place to visit, mark it with a push pin on your USA scratch map. includes several push pins for this very reason. Rather use something else? Sure thing. Come up with your own way to mark future travel ideas on your map. Maybe you’d rather use stickers, dry erase markers, or something totally unique to your family. It’s all up to you. A scratch off map USA map is easily personalized to your taste and preferences.

By the way, also sells two other editions of their USA scratch map, the voyage edition and traveler’s special. They’re covered in silver foil with 50 scratch off state flags represented in full glory. Take a look at Newverest’s online website and see which edition works for you. They’re all beautiful, detailed, and lots of fun to use. Track your travels and plan future adventures today.

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