How To Decide The Best Time To Move in Canberra?


Negosentro.comPlanning is key for smooth packing and moving experience in Canberra or anywhere else in the world. For making a successful move, it is essential to complete all the tasks on time.

While you might be concerned about various tasks such as packing and selling your existing house, a significant matter is to find the best time for moving into a new home.

This saves you from the unexpected expenses and delays during the move.

Here, we‘ll discuss the key points which will help you to find the best time to call local removalists in Canberra, Australia for moving.

Be Flexible

Make your move a pleasant experience rather than a tedious one by being flexible to unexpected things. It is essential to keep a positive attitude throughout the process.

You need to be flexible while considering all the options before you lock in time with the moving company in Canberra, such as

  • Finding a new school for your kids
  • When will you start your new job
  • The settlement date of your new home
  • And various other factors.

Remember to maintain a log so that it will be easy for you to plan the dates accordingly.

Complete Preparatory Tasks Beforehand

Write down the critical tasks you need to complete beforehand. Do not rush the moving process. Speak to your friends, read online blogs and reviews, and ask your colleagues about the priority tasks that need to be completed before moving into a new house.

There are many vital things you need to consider so that you do not leave crucial tasks until the last second. To avoid such hustle, 

  • Create a list of tasks.
  • Assign a responsible person to each task.
  • Mark the significant due dates.

And once you have a clear picture of the priority tasks, you can organise a meeting for the moving services in Canberra.

Consider The Future Timings

Do not hire packers and movers without considering the due dates and future tasks. For example, sometimes you have to wait 

  • For your kids to finish school
  • Until your current lease expires
  • For the right buyer to sell the existing home, 
  • Till your job contract terminates or expires.

It is essential to consider the future timings to be prepared for the unforeseen event so that you secure the ideal time for moving.

Choosing Between Weekday Or Weekend

Weekends are the most preferred days for moving into a new house, making the time between Monday to Thursday (inclusive) is the best time to move.

These days might not always work for everyone because the demands for moving can vary according to the situations, and there are other factors also such as work, school, transportation, weather, and other commitments. 

Do not move in a rush on weekends as the removal company are more accessible on weekdays. So try to accommodate these days in your plans.

School Holidays

Most of the people ponder whether they should move during the school holidays or not. Moving on a holiday gives you a benefit that your children will not miss school. 

If you move on a working day, you can concentrate on the moving process without taking care of your children.

Consider the fact that things might get slow down, and you may get fewer movers options as, during the school holidays, the demand for the moving services will be higher.

Best Time Of The Day

Morning is the best time to transport your belongings. It is the time when you will encounter less traffic on the road.

For moving in the morning, you need to complete the packing a day before so that the removalists can directly load the stuff into their truck, and you are ready to go.

Best Season 

It is recommended to prefer moving during the warmer months. The light blue skies, sunny weather, and longer days are ideal factors.

During these months, you will find less busywork, school holiday periods, perfect temperature, and other favourable factors. However, plan early to acquire the ideal booking as packing and moving services will be in high demand.


Remember, you don’t need to move your entire house in one go! Try to set different stages so that you can complete your job contract,  your house lease, finish children’s activities, and much more. 

Be flexible and make your house moving experience an enjoyable, positive, and peaceful.

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