Baltimore Cuisine: Best Dishes and Places to Eat

Baltimore Cuisine

The food in Baltimore is as cunning as the city itself. The city has embraced many kinds of cuisine, from southern and Italian to Greek and Korean, but it is obligatory to try these dishes when visiting Baltimore.

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Dishes to start your acquaintance with Baltimore

Crab cakes

It is a fact that Blue Crabs is a native species for the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, which is one of the top summer seafood for Maryland. Perhaps everyone knows about famous crab cakes. Actually, crab cakes are soft fish cakes made with breadcrumbs, mayonnaise, eggs and spices. You won’t find better cakes anywhere in America.


This popular Crab Pie is made with salted cod and potatoes, deep fried and put between two salted crackers with mustard. It is still available in places like Atman-Delhi, Faydly Seafood, Mummy on Half Shell and Fels Point Deli Wicca.

Beer Beef

Have you ever tried beef marinated in beer? If no, you have a real chance to taste it in Baltimore. Beef is cooked on a hot charcoal and then cut into thin slices. Usually, the chef serves it with onions and horseradish. The best beer beef tastes with barbecue or tiger sauce. Great places for beef are found both in Baltimore and neighboring places, such as the Pioneer Pit Beef in Catonsville.

brown_troutBrown trout

 The trout or other fish of this group is rolled in breadcrumbs or corn dough, then fried and served on white bread with hot sauce. You can find it in places like Lexington Market and Seafood Nina, Lake Trout and Kimmy’s Restaurant & Carry Out.

Restaurants where you can try delicious dishes in Baltimore

Charleston Restaurant

Restaurant with its own history. One of the best in Baltimore, it serves traditional American cuisine. Want to try the freshest oysters and seafood, then feel free to go to this place. It also serves a wide range of American cuisine. Service here is organized at the highest level. If you wish, you can order an individual menu – there is even a vegetarian one. In addition, you will find there a wonderful bar with a large selection of beers.

Shake shack

Here you can eat delicious hamburgers and drink an amazing fruit cocktails. The atmosphere of the place is associated with a pleasant rest, although a bit cramped. A great place to have a good time with friends and have a tasty American snack.

Baltimore dishes will not leave anybody indifferent!

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