Car Rental for Young Drivers in Seattle: Terms & Tips

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“Emerald City”, as Seattle is unofficially called due to a large amount of greenery is a magnificent city. Here a huge number of American films were shot (including Sleepless in Seattle, The Call, and one of the parts of Austin Powers ​​and Twilight). Moreover, it is a place where giants like Boeing and Amazon chose to settle.

In Seattle the “grunge” style and Nirvana were “born”, the first Starbucks in the world was opened, and the first American team that won the Stanley Cup was founded. Besides, local seafood is considered one of the best in all of America.

Anyway, Seattle is a perfect destination for young tourists. It is true that a perfect trip will be less comfortable and saturated without car rental.

Things to Know About Car Rental under 21 in Seattle

American Titans such as National, Thrifty, Alamo, Avis, Hertz, Budget and others, dominate Seattle’s auto rental market.

Actually, Seattle car rental under 21 can be arranged at the airport or in the city. There are no mileage restrictions, but it must be returned with a full tank. Even if you arrange car rental in Seattle without deposit, you must additionally pay for the insurance of the car.

To arrange a car rental in Seattle around the clock, you will need a driver’s license, a passport with a visa and a credit (not debit) card.

If you are between 18 and 24, then you will have to pay an additional fee of $20-35 per day. Also for people of this age category, it is prohibited to rent sports and luxury cars. Below are the companies providing car rental services in Seattle with the minimum driving experience (1 year). Every company asks for an additional fee for the young driver category:

  • Avis;
  • Budget;
  • Dollar;
  • Enterprise;
  • Hertz;
  • National;
  • Payless Car;
  • Thrifty.

Please note that when paying for the rental, in addition to the rental amount, an additional 25-30% will be charged off the card, which is then returned when you return the car.

The cheapest car rental in Seattle under 21 is offered on Kia Rio, Nissan Versa, Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus or any similar car – $40-45 per day depending on the rental company.

Where to go on using car rental?

With a car in Seattle, you can spend a couple of days to go around all the parks, reserves, golf clubs, visit the shores of Lake Washington and Elliott Bay, in the amusement park in Tequville.

tequvilleBut first, don’t forget to go to the Space Needle Tower First that attracts tourists with its viewing platform located at an altitude of 159 m (and the entire height of the tower is 184 meters). From here there is an amazing view not only of the city but also of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains and Eliot Bay.

One obligatory place to visit is Pike Place Market, where you will find a variety of food, souvenirs, and cafes.

It is impossible to miss the Museum of Music to get acquainted with the history of Seattle music and try yourself in various musical instruments.

To admire the natural beauty, move to the Discovery Park and Japanese Garden.

One place certainly deserves attention; it is Mount Rainier National Park. You can only get here by car. Therefore, if you use rental cars in Washington State, armed with a navigator, from Seattle you get here in 1.5 hours.

Another scenic spot just 45 km from Seattle is Snoqualmie Falls. It seems that you can spend hours watching how the waterfalls with a roar from a height of 82 m.

Be attentive and have a good trip!

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