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Negosentro | The availability and popularity of wines have drastically increased every year ever since it existed. The first people to produce wines were the ones living in the community of Bordeaux where up until this day you will be able to see the richness of their vineyards. This is the main reason why France is the number one country in the world to produce an excellent variety of wines.

While wines come in various types, characteristics, labels, and flavors, each one is crafted intricately to meet the needs of every consumer. They are not only typical grapes that undergo crushing, aging, and bottling, but there are also several elements added to each wine to make sure that the taste appeals to everyone. This usually happens, especially to white wines.

As you might also have known, France is not the only country that is known to produce an incredible bottle of wines. Spain is also one of the biggest countries in Europe to solely make a name when it comes to winemaking. This country is also producing top tier wine labels which are known not only in their place but in the whole world.

Moreover, Spain has been producing different varietal of wines and they are popular especially with the red blends. While this is true, Spain can also boast their bottles of dry and white wines.  In fact, a lot of wine lovers are commanding those white wines made from Spain as they really taste good like no other.

Hence, in this article, we’d like to introduce you to some top Spain white wine labels that had made a huge name in the market. These wines are also popular choices among all consumers because they do not only exude a pre-eminent taste but they also come with great bottling appearance. Let’s take a look.

2017 Coto de Gomariz X

The 2017 Coto de Gomariz X is one of the most famous Spain white proprietary blends. This wine comes in a very tasty flavor showing an awesome balance of taste. As it lasts in your palate, it creates a bittersweet taste which you can endure for a couple of seconds. This wine shows a true taste of elegance giving credibility of what Spanish white wines can offer.

This Spanish white wine is purely made of quality grapes which are fully grown in Albariño. As they bottle this wine, the grapes are freshly picked maintaining a zingy taste. It is accompanied with a lees contact so it can show off that bittersweet taste. This wine is also perfect for pairing foods such as clams or langoustines.

2017 Sierra de Tolono Rioja Blanco

It one of the loveliest Spanish white wine in the making. The 2017 Sierra de Tolono Rioja Blanco offers a very youthful nose and palate experience. These are possibly made by combining the elements of soil stones that come in a salty taste, raw almond, dried flowers, top note, tart pear, and green apple.

Moreover, this Spanish white wine offers a  focused, complex, crisp, and full-bodied taste. The combination of all elements mentioned above to craft this wine also produces a rich and well-balanced finish inside your palate. According to some wine experts, it’s one of the Spanish white wines that exudes a complex taste as its age. Lastly, they even describe this wine to come with the most impressive juice compared to others.

2017 Pazo de Senorans Albarino

This one is produced in the simple vineyards of Albariño, Spain. The 2017 Pazo de Senorans Albarino offers a medium-bodied and rich taste when it reaches your nose and palate. This is purely one of those Spanish white wines made from marine flavors and aromas, salty stone fruits, and white flowers.  When these elements are combined together, they produce a well-balanced taste.

Moreover, this wine also offers a raw expression of what Spanish white wines can really offer. The texture of the juice is very fine and pure making you pour a glass more once you taste it. It is truly one of the Albariño-made wines that have made white wine tasting into a whole new level.

2014 Dominio del  Aguila Blanco

The 2014 Dominio del  Aguila Blanco is considered to be one of the most spectacular Spanish made white wines. They are mainly produced from grapes that offer distinct ancient vines which are planted traditionally and farmed organically using limestone soils and clay. They are developed and placed around 8oo meters high above the ground to ensure the total health of the grapes before they are harvested.

Besides, this wine offers a balanced and fresh taste inside your taste buds in such a way that you can taste the full mineral flavor of its juice. This wine is also aged in oak barrels beautifully producing that nice taste when tasted.

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