What is the Need to Tint your Car?

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Car tint is usually installed for many reasons that depend on the personal preferences and on the requirements of the owner. However, there are many benefits related to tint a car, that owners have no idea about, and these benefits make all round an amazing idea no matter which way you look at it.

Here are some reasons to get your car tinted:

Comfortable Driving

It is difficult to drive with the sun on your face, which is annoying and difficult too, and moreover it can be deadly.  Car tinting can shield your eyes and can also help in preventing glare from all the sources of extreme light, thus eliminating the possibility of getting caught while driving badly, even if you are not at fault.

Benefit of Privacy

In some disreputable parts of towns, it is always necessary to have privacy.  Car tinting guards the personal privacy irrespective of where you are.  It also protects the valuables which are inside your car from getting exposed, when you are not around and you don’t have to stash your valuables out of sight every time you park the car!

Upholstery protection

The UV rays from the direct sunlight can destroy your upholstery into a mess in no time.  Cars without tinted glasses are more prone to have their upholstery getting faded, especially when it is leather upholstery.  By tinting the car, the interiors are not getting hot enough to wrap, fade or crack.  Tinting also blocks up to 90% of the harmful UV rays from entering the car.

Prevents from Shattering

Tinting helps your car windows from shattering in the event of force with an object or during the car accidents.  This can be of big help in protecting the lives and health of passengers during unexpected events or accidents on the road.

Minimizes temperature

Use of right window tint can reduce heat radiation up to 60% in peak summer.  This prevents humidity and thus eliminates drenching in sweat while driving. This also makes our air conditioner work more quick and efficient.  Normally the air conditioners of cars don’t have much effect during summer.  But, by tinting, the heat induction is reduced and air conditioners will work more effectively.

Health Reasons

Direct sunlight and the UV rays can damage your skin and would accelerate ageing.  Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer. Car tinting reduces UV rays by 99% and helps your health.

Aesthetic Effects

Apart from the entire above-mentioned factor, a tinted window gives an added attraction to one vehicle.  Depending on the colour, size, and make of the vehicle, one can choose the most suitable shade of tint from a variety of colours available.  Too dark and too light shades won’t do justice to the purpose.

Car tinting has many negatives as well.  Though tinting helps to protect the privacy, it also helps anti-socials as a protective cover as whatever is done inside shall not be easily detected by people outside.  Many of the kidnappings and other anti-social activities happened taking advantage of this situation.  Moreover, the car tints can reduce the visible light transmission, which can be very dangerous for drivers during the night time.  Many laws have passed regarding car tinting in different countries, since police cannot see the passengers in a tinted car.  In some rare cases, drivers feel claustrophobic in a car with tinted windows.

Hence, you need to tint your car based on the regulations of your country.  After all, sticking to the laws is more important than the comfort you enjoy.

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