Maintenance Tips for On-time servicing of the BMW

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Take those outdoor trips, you always wished, with your BMW but ensure that trip is relaxed without any tensions. This can be ensured once you have your BMW serviced by an authorized BMW service centre, as local garages may not be able to deal with the cars intricacies.

BMW Service

Let us have a look at certain basic points to keep in mind when you own a BMW.

Basic Maintenance Check

The BMW Service center first runs a thorough basic maintenance which includes a check of the oil changes, tire rotations, a tune up and a check on the fluid levels. We take each step at a time to ensure that the maintenance is done as per the requirement.

  • Air Pressure Checked
    Usually this is written either on a manual or a sticker is put up on the driver’s side. The max pressure is printed on one side of a tire. Besides this, ensure the pressure of the spare tire is also good enough in case of a puncture. This helps you drive in a relaxed manner.
  • Fluids of the Car
    Uncalled for breakdowns and accidents can be avoided by getting the brake fluid, coolant, oil and wash levels of the windscreen checked. Include the power steering fluid and the clutch fluid in the check too.
  • Change of the Oils
    Do not wait for the last minute to get the oil changed, you can do so a little earlier to ensure a safe drive. This includes the change of the oil filter as the residue of the old oil might be damaging.
  • Air Filter Check
    For enhancing the performance of the engine of your BMWclean air is a must. Cabin filter can be changed if necessary.
  • Lights and Signals
    A long road trip requires a thorough servicing which includes a check on the lights and signals. Each light in the vehicle needs to be in a working condition which can be done by experienced professionals at a BMW service Center. Think of carrying spare bulbs and replace the bulbs in case they are not working properly.  Dim lights will not serve the purpose while out on a long drive or in the night.
  • Checking the Alignment
    Headlight alignment, if not proper, might be the cause of the lights not providing the required focus while driving. You do need proper lights if you intend driving in the night, especially on roads which are not well-lit.
  • Battery
    If your battery has not been replaced for a long time, it probably requires either a clean up or a change. The mechanic handling your BMW can guide you on this.
  • Brakes
    Brakes are probably the most used feature of a car. Get this checked and ensure they are in a good condition. The smallest of details while servicing your BMW can make all the difference to your trip.
  • Emergency Kit
    Emergencies are unpredictable and being prepared for these is a wise decision.  Ensure you carry an emergency kit in your car even if you are sure that all the requirements have been looked into during the servicing.

To put it in brief, there is no way you can think of any compromises on the servicing of your BMW. This is as important as buying a new car. You can look for service centers which can offer discounts or packages which work to be affordable for you. You can have a relaxed road trip once you have made sure of the basic servicing of your car with a warranty given by the service center.

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