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luxury destinations
luxury destinations

by Jake Michael | |

We all love to travel and see new things, experience a new environment, know other people’s cultures and exchange ideas with them. This article is for you out there that wants to choose the perfect places you should visit and those to avoid. You might be having all the resources required to travel and visit anyplace in the world, but do you know the places to visit? This question is paramount and will help you trace where your heart wants to visit before the actual visit. It will act as a reconnaissance.

There are very many destinations that you can visit. With companies like Luxury Link, The list is endless, but I have selected a few among very best ones. Here is a list of the most luxury gateways that you may not know about.

•    New York City

This city is among the most well-known cities in the world today. This is because since time immemorial, is has acted as a hub for upcoming artists and business opportunities. New York attracts many because it is always active, working both day and night. With this, visiting the place will be an unforgettable experience as you will experience this new way of life that might not be very common around you.

•    Guana Island

This is an Island that is among the British Virgin Islands. It is on about 900 acres of land covered in white sandy beaches. It is the most expensive island but will give you the best experience. The Island has no public access and this makes it very secure. The destination offers gaming activities like tennis. Other activities in the place include bird-watching, hiking, and snorkelling.

•    The Island of Fregate

This island is found in Seychelles. Seychelles is a country that is made up of several islands situated on the Indian Ocean. The Island of Fregate is a private resort with very many magnificent villas constructed traditionally. Hiking and windsurfing activities are common here.

•    Bora Bora

This is a small Island in French Polynesia. It is among the most beautiful and luxurious islands in the world. The Island is private and attracts very many celebrities, politicians, and well-known business moguls. You do not want to miss out on sharing a resort with such people.

•    Paris

This city in France is known as the city of romance to many. It has an attractive environment with some castles belonging to the royal and lavish cathedrals which have been around for very many years. The city has a rich History and the view of the Eiffel Tower that lights up at night is simply breathtaking.

•    Fiji

This is a country that is made up of several Islands; over 320 islands. It is known for its preservation of nature, natural beauty, and remoteness. It is the best and most exclusive destination in the south of the Pacific. One of the islands, Manthangi Island, is known to offer a relaxing outdoor Jacuzzi and lava rock shower. Some of the activities you can take part in include snorkelling, hiking and driving through the rainforest.


Jake Michael is a travel expert with many years of experience. He has toured many luxury destinations around the world and is better placed to offer travel advice. Visit the Luxury Link website here to read more.

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