Travel Protector Plus: Securing You on Overseas Travels

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Have you ever thought of travelling abroad but still contemplating due to the fact that your personal safety and financial security are in jeopardy? A travel insurance will perfectly answers your needs towards your problem.

There is an insurance company in the Philippines that offers the best deals for your travel necessities and can also be your partner insurance for every trip that you make abroad. Liberty Insurance Corporation Travel Protector Plus is dedicated to protect you from uncontrollable incidents that may lead to additional expenses while on your trip. It also provides affordable insurance coverage that will help you make memories without worries. The plan includesa 24-hour personal and baggage assistance.

Some of the most worthwhile services that the plan offers are the following:

  • Medical Insurance. When you get into an accident, or is in need of immediate hospital treatment, having an insurance that covers your medical expenses is very useful. Handling uncontrollable situation will become less burdening because of the financial assurance that your hospital bills abroad will be paid.
  • Emergency Evacuation. Clients are assured that they can get to a local hospital in the area and be treated, or return back home to get the proper treatment in your country. Flying back home will not be a problem anymore because the insurance will pay for your flight.
  • Travel Protection. If, for some reason, your flight had been cancelled at the last minute, the insurance will make sure that you can get the money you spent for booking, plane ticket and other expenses on your trip. This is handy for people who love to book flights.
  • Baggage Protection. In case of lost baggage, or delayed arrival of luggage, the insurance offers compensations that will be very beneficial for you. You don’t have to worry about it because Liberty Insurance Corporation got you covered.

Travel Protection Plus has more to offer to you and to your travel buddies. With affordable coverage of benefits that perfectly fit your destinations and activities that you may plan on your trip, you will surely enjoy your vacation because you are financially protected.

Availability of benefits will be from a few days up to one (1) year. For travels overseas that will give you security, choose Liberty Insurance Corporation’s Travel Protector Plus.


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