Learn Some Do’s and Don’ts While Planning The Wedding Ceremony

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Before you are looking forward for your wedding, you must know that there are lots of things to do beyond saying ‘I Do’. If you can learn some do’s and don’ts properly, you can really concentrate on taking your vows.


Know Your Officiant Well:   This is the person who is going to lead you through the emotional commitment throughout the ceremony. So you must know him properly ahead of time so that you can remain comfortable throughout the event. You can go for the pastor of the church where you go since your childhood or a friend who knows both the bride and the groom well.

Offer Comfortable Seating Arrangements:  You must take care for the comfort of your guests. When they are provided with comfortable cushions for seating, they can easily focus on enjoying your ceremony.

Include Traditions In Your Program:  When you are personalizing the ceremony, make sure you are including some traditional factors in them. Make sure there are traditional songs and other cultural customs. You can book singers for weddings for entertaining your guests. You can request your officiant to lead the guests properly when you are transitioning from one custom to the other.

Have Back Up Plan For Outdoor Event: You must keep a plan B, if you are organizing the ceremony in outdoors. In case of rain or other natural calamity, you must arrange an indoor alternative or tent for carrying on your ceremony. You must visit your venue ahead of time to check what you will require, may be a shade or a cover if you are arranging the ceremony during afternoon.


Spend The Entire Decor Budget On Entrance: Try to keep a balance of your decor throughout the entire venue and not focus on the entrance only. You can highlight the high impact areas like any altar or aisle to attract the attention of the guests. You can add paper lanterns from the aisle chairs or can drape beautifully from the floor to ceiling. You can work with a florist or an event designer if you want that professional touches.

Insist Shy Friend To Do The Reading:  You must choose the right person for the right role. For example, never choose your shy friend to do the reading activities. If the reader is not comfortable in public speaking, awkward pauses and unsteady voices can ruin your event. You must finalize the readers a few weeks ahead of time so that he/she gets enough time for practicing. If they are comfortable while reading, the audience will also be comfortable while listening.

Select A Venue Far Away From Your Reception:  Never select the ceremony spot far away from your reception. If you have already selected a far venue, make sure you are arranging transportation for your guests. Play songs and provide songs during the journey so that your guests feel delighted.

If you can remember these few do’s and don’ts, you can surely arrange a grand party at your wedding. Make sure you are not in haste and have enough time for managing the details.

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