How to Maintain a Perfect Work-Life Balance

perfect work-life balance
perfect work-life balance

by Kyla Camille | |

Technology is taking over our lifestyle and we couldn’t be much, well, busier. With new social media features, we’re constantly engaged in either our work or we’re glued to our cell phones.

Some of us have forgotten how it feels to run through the sprawling grasslands of remote hills, kissed by the sun, giving us joy that we experienced when we were 7-year olds. We’re either stuck to our computer or mobile phones, leading a lifestyle that demands us to be on our toes all the time.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential for our health, relationships and overall happiness. Let’s take a few steps we could take to lead a healthy work-life balance, if not a perfect one.

1. Find and fix your living space

It’s very important that we find a house that we can call home, that gives you peace when you arrive in that space. It could be a shared space with roommates or a 2 BHK available for rent near your office. Design your space like the way you like it. Don’t ignore the colours and furniture arrangement in your room as it makes a lot of difference to your moods.

Design it like you’d want to spend your time there. Fill it up with books you’d love to read and stock the refrigerator with your favourite food supplies. This will keep you away from putting in excess hours at work and wanting to tuck yourself in the comfort of your house.

2. Determine your priorities

If you aren’t aware of what truly makes you happy, take a vacation and find it out. Talk to yourself and figure out your true needs. It’s a given that your topmost priorities should be your health and financial stability. If you want to spend time with your friends at home or with your loved ones, make sure you dedicated a few hours in a day for that and stick to them. Travel more often, it refreshes you. Whatever your priorities are, ensure that it’s a healthy balance of time at work and time that’s personal.

3. Make Time for Yourself

Even though you might have priorities of work, health and relationships, it is important to make sure you make time for yourself. Recharge yourself by performing a small activity every day that gives you pleasure. It may be playing a sport or taking walks around the city. It has a huge impact on your daily performance at work or with your social behaviour. Spending time with yourself works wonders for your performance.

4. Work smarter not harder

Utilize your time wisely. Time your tasks. Time management is something that is an important skill for everyone. You could save more than two hours a day if you keep an eye on your watch. This gives you more time for doing things that you’d rather love to do. Use technology wisely to find what you need. For example, find apartments for rent on or hire professionals from UrbanClap for skilled services that will save your time by spending only a little amount of money.

It takes daily effort to achieve a healthy balance. The key is, to be consistent, rather than strive to be perfect. Ensure that you rent your own space that gives you the freedom to be yourself after working hours.

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