Best Android Mobile Apps for Adventure Lovers


by Judy Alex, |

Dear adventure travelers, it’s time to use technology on your camping, hiking and adventure trips, even if you want a day out with nature.

When going on a trip, you do not leave your phone home because you don’t want to stay disconnected at the time of any mishap. Therefore, it is good to get the best of that technology so that your trip can be hassle free and more fun. Here we have prepared a list of free and useful hiking android apps for adventure lovers that you should consider before going on an adventure, that are:


Platforms:  Android and iOS
Price: Free


If you love to go out every so often, then All Trails application can be your best pick. Compatible to work on android and iOS platforms, the travel app guides you throughout your trip and record the trip time, elevation and your pace. You can also create your own trails using GPS tracking, text or photos and then download them in case you get out of Internet range.



Platforms:  Android and iOS
Price: Free

What if a friend of yours get a heart attack or start to choke on the trip, how would you help him without any medical assistance? The official Red Cross First Aid app features simple and easy recommendations on first aid scenarios, along with the guidelines about preparing for emergencies. The app is tailored to your location and you can also find video guides, drawings, and interactive quizzes along with the emergency instructions to help yourself and those around you at the time of emergency.



Platforms:  Android and iOS
Price: Free

This app is the true calling for diet conscious adventurers, as it allows the user torecord their hikes and note their diet to assess calories and nutritional content. The app can also be synched to wearable devices and connect with other hikers to keep you motivated.



Platforms:  Android and iOS
Price: Free with in-app purchases

ViewRanger is a digital guide to the adventure trips. It offers hundreds of thousands of easy-to-download pathfinders, free international maps, and advanced GPS navigation features. The app is also claimed to be used by numerous search and rescue teams across the Earth owing to its cutting-edge GPS navigation system.



Platforms:  Android and iOS
Price: Free

This is the must–have for the night hikers or those who are enthusiasts about multi-day hiking trips. Star Chart brings a virtual planetarium to your phone for exploration. This user-friendly app leverages the advanced GPS technology, a precise 3D universe to calculate the present location of every star visible from Earth in real time and locate them; even at the daytime.

So, whenever you are going to leave your bed’s comfort to go out in the wild, just be certain that you have these apps on your phones.


Judy Alex has been working as a senior tech writer in an Android app development company for two years. She is a hiking lover and a die-hard fan of “Vikings”. Driven by coding and writing, Judy uses her expertise to help beginner developers hone their skills. @judyalex3.


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