How Evernote Changed my Life


Mary Rae Floresca |

Sometimes the existing note application provided by your mobile phone isn’t enough. There are many downloadable apps out there but Evernote has “ever” been helpful in my daily life.

I love how this app can be used for saving articles I read in the internet. I easily click share and in the options, Evernote shows up, with fast internet connection, the clipping is fast and voila, the article can be read later on. This is one of the essential reasons why I downloaded this app. I’m really not “techie” or I don’t usually follow trends, most of the time, I get swallowed up by new applications because it’s difficult to use in the beginning, I observed myself that when an app is not easy to use, I delete it right away. Evernote has been friendly to beginners, it’s easy to navigate. Basically, once you download the app, the plus sign icon on the lower right of your phone screen shows you six options; camera, attachment, work chat, reminder, handwriting and text note.

What I like about Evernote is that becomes more and more useful when you collect more content from the web or basically, the notes that I take. Once you download the app, you can save your notes per category. Yes, you may create folders where you can organize your notes according to each topic. I organized mine with daily reminder, I retained the default folder “First Notebook”, but you can actually rename your notebook folders. The reminder notification of this app has been very helpful, the built-in calendar on my own phone is not that helpful. Obviously, you get to make a title for the reminder, and when it gives you a notification, you can easily click “done” on your screen once you accomplished it without opening the app. I placed my Evernote app on my homescreen so whenever I thought of something I need to do, I can easily click it and record my reminder. Because of this, I never miss a thing, I am always reminded by this app. I tend to forget things easily especially when I get busy throughout the day.

This is like a paperless system, I don’t need to jot down my notes on a heavy planner which I never read or use after a while. Your journal obviously won’t alert or grab your attention that you need to do this and that, unless you’ll often browse your on hand notebook. Also, with all the files I have in my phone, I may be able to create a folder through “attachments” option. I save a lot of stuff in my app, it’s pretty much everything I needed and wanted like songs, lyrics, recipes, bank account details, passwords of my social media sites and e-mails, yup, all the personal stuff, it is safely kept in the app, plus it is linked to my Google account.

Try downloading Evernote for free, constantly upgrade because features can get easier and easier. Evernote productivity consultant Stacey Harmon advised in an article, “Don’t be afraid to create notebooks and stacks and organize them any way you like. It is not difficult to change your notebook and stack structure. Once data is in Evernote, it is very easy to move around [you just need to learn how]. Most users go through several iterations of their notebook and stack structure over time. What you keep in Evernote evolves. How you conduct business evolves.”

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