Best Explainer Series on YouTube for Geeks

Best Explainer Series on YouTube for Geeks How to Drive Sales & Traffic from Youtube  

Negosentro | Best Explainer Series on YouTube for Geeks | YouTube is a content haven only if you know how to navigate it. From “How to” series to answering your daily questions, YouTube is slowly replacing the Google search engine. Most people have stopped using Google for their day-to-day queries. Instead, they look for YouTube videos that can help them understand things better. These videos use visual aids and usually, the time duration is limited based on the explanation required and the preference of the creator. 

Since the videos are free, you can get a crash course about any topic without draining your budget. Moreover, the features are also user-friendly. Viewers can skip based on time stamps with a simple tap on the screen. Even when the same series is available on other platforms, people prefer to watch it on YouTube to enjoy a real-time community feedback system. Viewers get to offer their worthy feedback about what they want to see and how the content creator can improve their content.

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Best Explainer Series on YouTube to Satisfy Your Inner Geek 

Searching for the right information on YouTube is becoming challenging by the minute. Becoming mainstream has made YouTube cluttered with content creators who do not research their content. Instead, they make clickbait videos that have nothing to do with reality, or the content available in the videos. From forged documentaries on Area 51 to some mind-boggling conspiracies about the moon landing, YouTube is a hotbed for conspiracies. To make sure you are consuming authentic content, the authenticity of the YouTube channel and the actual content is very important. 

If you are looking for some fun and simple videos to clear up some common misconceptions, here are some of the best explainer series on YouTube that will satisfy your inner geek. 


  • Explained Series


YouTube Channel: Vox 

Subscribers: 10.9M

Content type: Clearing conspiracies, explainer series, bite size lessons on history, politics, international relations, and current affairs 

If you are a closeted geek and you have not subscribed to Vox yet, you cannot call yourself a geek just yet. Vox offers the best content on almost every topic under the sun. From the political processes to simple bite-sized explainer videos on historical events, geography, and issues that others fail to address, this channel is perfect for an unbiased opinion. 

The explained series of Vox offers small explainer videos about simple topics including, money, scams, body functions, bacterial infections, narcotics, political issues, etc. These videos are easy to understand and are elaborated by using enticing visuals so; the viewer can enjoy and remember the information as well. This series became so popular that Vox was hired by Netflix to design limited series on other topics as well. 


  • Start Here


YouTube Channel: Al Jazeera 

Subscribers: 9.72M

Content type: News, politics, easy-to-understand videos on current issues 

Al Jazeera is a Qatar-based news channel that offers news about political scenarios and international relations in the Middle East. They have some of the most fun and informative videos on almost everything related to politics. If you have no idea about how the political world is shifting, Al Jazeera will offer you a different side of the story backed by detailed facts.

The “Start Here” series is hosted by Sandra Gathmann, who specializes in Middle Eastern politics. The show offers small videos about big scenarios like the Qatar blockade, the expulsion of the US from Afghanistan, ongoing wars, ousted politicians, money scandals, and more. If you are new to politics or you are finding it hard to follow the current happenings, this show will offer you a crash course on everything. 


  • Scienticious


YouTube Channel: TRT world  

Subscribers: 1.82 M

Content type: Science Videos Impacting Daily Activities, Weather Changes, Human Body Changes, and more

TRT world is a Turkish news channel that offers unbiased news about the Middle East and Asia. The channel started as a digital new media platform but later it became an international news platform. TRT world is famous for offering the other side of the coin, especially in a competitive international news-based arena, where the focus is more on the western side of the story. 

Scienticious offers a deeper understanding of the simple scientific phenomenon. From the working process of medications to the effect of flu on the human body, you will have videos for almost everything. Since these videos are offered by news-based channels, you can stay assured of their authenticity. They also try to relate these scientific phenomena to current scenarios so if you see a hot topic, there is a high chance you will find a video about it. 


  • Mind Field


YouTube Channel: Vsauce 

Subscribers: 18.2 M

Content type: Videos on the working of the mind, memory, human behavior, impact of surroundings on the working of the mind 

Vsauce is one of the most fun and diverse YouTube channels. If you are curious and you like to learn about new things, this channel will offer you everything that will satisfy your curiosity. Although there are so many other explainer series on the channel, the most loved explainer series is Mind Field.

This series focuses on the working of the mind and how simple human behaviors can be explained based on the function of the mind. From memory building to mind mapping and even diverse topics like mind control, conformity with society, and criminal behaviors, you will find something about everything. 


  • Bad Geography 


YouTube Channel: RealLifeLore

Subscribers: 6.39 M

Content type: Easy explainer videos on the geography of the countries, the impact of geography on the economy, political scenarios, and issues of the countries. 

RealLifeLore is a diverse YouTube channel that offers information on history, geography, political scenarios, new technology, and fun scientific experiments. This channel is famous for its geography and social issues videos that are less about the current scenarios and more about how history has become the precursor of the issue.

Bad Geography by RealLifeLore offers a deeper understanding of the geographical location and its impact on the current political scenarios. It also explains why and how the social issues in the countries are based on their location on the map. 

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, extracting information from a plethora of articles and scanning the genuine information can become a challenge. These explainer videos fill that information void offering you a fun, simple, and easy-to-understand perspective of everything. 


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