How To Dress In Business To Impress With Mens and Womens Watches

How To Dress In Business To Impress

Negosentro | How To Dress In Business To Impress With Mens and Womens Watches  | When you prepare for a meeting at work, or if you plan on attending a corporate event, chances are you’d have the impression that your wardrobe is limited because of the dress code. Going full corporate on an event doesn’t always afford room for creativity, which is why you may rely on accessories such as mens and women’s watches to help you accentuate your style. Of course, given there are a wide variety of watches and a wide variety of formal attire choices, you might be confused. However, this guide will be here to help you.

Why Is Matching Hard?

Interestingly, the difficulty in matching watches with a business attire may have something to do with the wardrobe you plan on using. A Guardian interview with LVMH United Kingdom’s Antoine Pin said a watch can in fact help project a personality if your wardrobe choice is limited. Pin, also serving as LVMH’s UK watch and jewellery managing director, added that the rather dynamic appearance of watches contribute to their appeal. Which means a watch in itself is powerful as it can add to your overall appeal, but you have to combine your outfit and your watch appropriately. Here are some tips:

If you’re aiming for elegance or for a formal look, try to make your watch as simple and minimalistic as possible. Seiko presage collection has good choices that you can check out. An Austere black watch with leather bands are popular choices, including those with ebony wood bands alongside inlaid stainless steel. The simpler and less detailed the watch, the more sophisticated you will seem. This is because the minimalist look adds an overall “wholeness” to your formal attire.

If you’re aiming to wear a business dress, always remember the maxim that if you’re in doubt, simplicity is key. While making a “statement” does make eyes turn on you, being classy and simple still has its own appeals. Wearing a dark and conservative suit can be best paired with a driver watch and a dress watch in order to add to your overall sleekness.

If you’re aiming for a business casual look, then perhaps going for leather might help. Seiko presage collection has good choices that you can check out. Watches with tan leather bands can help emphasize the rest of your body, given that it subtly catches the attention of others. Try to make sure the watch matches other “smaller” things you’re wearing, such as your glasses, or your shoes. Try not to make your watch too detailed, however. Opt for something solid in color instead to help emphasize your look. Try wearing a chrono watch or perhaps a slightly-larger dress watch in order to add just enough detail that wouldn’t make you too attention-seeking. Avoid divers watches and gold-colored watches as they might ruin your overall look.

Remember: Simple Works Best

When it comes to matching your outfit with your watch, remember that simplicity still works. If you’re unsure whether or not a particular style fits your event or your party, try to aim for simpler, more direct looks. Choose mens and womens watches with colors that work together by either choosing solids of the same hue, or choosing watches that are of leather and/or wood in make. This gives you a particular “sleekness” and sophistication that can make you quite a unique person in the room.


Remember that when it comes to choosing your watches and your outfits, you have to mix and match with a variety of colors and styles to figure out which one works for your body type and personality best. Always remember to bring out these mens and womens watches with confidence, as it’s not always with the clothes and the accessories alone, but with the person bringing them along instead.

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