The Best High-Tech Luggage Pieces For Traveling


Kevin Gardner, Negosentro |  The old, boring luggage of your grandfather’s day is a thing of the past. Modern travel—and modern luggage—is defined by the precise thought and high-tech consideration that goes into its design. Modern luggage lets you track its location via GPS, charge your phone with a USB plug, and some will even follow you through the airport without the need to touch them. No more hovering awkwardly close to other passengers while trying to snag a plug on the charging stations. Here are the best pieces of luggage for business travel.

  1. Raden A22

Topping the list is the Raden A22, an affordable option that breaks the stereotype that great luggage has to cost an arm and a leg. The Raden A22 has already sold more than 100,000 pieces. It’s 22 inches and only weighs 8.4 pounds while empty. The wheels spin 360 degrees for easy movement through busy airports, and the polycarbonate casing will keep whatever you have inside safe from harm. The Raden A22 is equipped with 2 USB ports and a removable, rechargeable battery that slides out from a zippered pouch. At $295, you can purchase the Raden A22 in up to eight different colors.

  1. Barracuda

The next option is the Barracuda. While the Heart song might come to mind, this luggage option is one of the best choices for the mobile commerce. With a fold-down laptop tray and two cup holders, the Barracuda is less luggage and more portable office. The suitcase has a USB charger and GPS tracking so you will easily be able to find it. With six color combinations, the Barracuda comes in at an affordable $349.

  1. Heys Smart Luggage

The Heys Smart Luggage is designed for the forgetful businessman. The suitcases come with a proximity alarm that triggers if you get too far away from your luggage. There are three size options: 21 inches, 26 inches, and 30 inches. Each size includes a polycarbonate shell to keep the contents safe inside, wheels that spin a full 360 degree for easy mobility, a built-in scale, TSA locks, and Bluetooth functionality. Because the suitcases use AAA-batteries, you won’t have to power them down for takeoff. The suitcases come in three color options for $800.

  1. Modobag

The Modobag is more than a suitcase. It’s actually a fold-up moped that can go up to 5 mph indoors. If you’re visiting a particularly large airport and you don’t feel like walking, just whip out your suitcase and ride it to the other side. In addition to its unique mobility features, the Modobag also has two USB ports, GPS tracking, and a secure laptop case that is designed to be crush-proof. This is a necessary feature, considering the Modobag is rated for passengers up to 260 pounds. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these bags, they start at $1,495.

  1. Travelmate

The Travelmate is an independent bag that doesn’t need an owner—or rather, it will move along behind you without aid. This 21.7 inch suitcase is fully autonomous, equipped with a set of wheels and proximity location software that causes it to trail behind you. This makes it a great option for someone that can’t lift a lot of weight. The Travelmate also includes a USB port and power outlet for charging devices while you wait, and a built-in GPS chip that ensures you’ll never lose track of its location. It also a fingerprint lock that can be programmed to only your fingerprint. Despite all these features, the Travelmate is still affordable for a high-end piece of luggage at just $1,099.

If you’re tired of the same-old types of luggage that you see everyday, consider one of these high-end, high-tech options. They’re sure to start a conversation or two. Despite their price tags, the convenience they provide is more than worth it.

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