10 Best Tour Companies in the United States

Tour Companies in the United States company-rewards

People like to travel from one place to another for tourism. They can go to different places by their private vehicles or can contact the tour companies to arrange a tour package for them. A tour with a small group is good than the larger one. There are many tour companies in the United States and people can contact them to arrange travel package. The tour operators can also make arrangement to go to Tomorrow land festivals. Some of the popular tour companies have been discussed here.

G Adventures

There is a variety of tourism options provided by G Adventures. There are different types of travelers. Some want to visit a few places while others want to visit many. The company has packages for all kinds of travelers. Along with travel, the operator also makes arrangement for lodging and guides.

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel provides tour packages to 120 countries. Many types of tours are arranged by the operator, which includes trekking, cycling, family travel, and many others. The tour operator also provides local transportation and lodging options at an inexpensive cost. The operator allows the average of ten members.

Mountain Travel Sobek

This tour operator is providing its services since 1969. There are more than 200 itineraries that the company offers to its customers. The trips provided by this operator are not provided by other operators. The tourists also have the option to visit the Arctic and Antarctic. If the group is small, the tour operator provides many facilities, which includes guides. The company allows a group of a minimum of fifteen members. The guides will also be comfortable and they can also provide some special trips within the package.

Tusker Trail

Tusker Trails is a tour operator that provides tour package for climbing Kilimanjaro. The company is providing its services for a long time and people going through the operator have successfully climbed the mountain. Other places that the operator arranges tour are Mongolia, Patagonia, and Everest based camp. The number of members included in the group is six to twelve. The maximum number of members can increase up to sixteen.

Flash Pack

It is a tour operator that provides itineraries to six continents. The company provides many offers to its customers. There are many surprises in the tour packages, which are included in the package and the people do not have to pay any extra charge. The maximum number of people included in a group can go up to sixteen.

Abercrombie & Kent

The company is providing its services for the past six decades. People can enjoy luxury tour provided by the company. People can visit all the seven continents through this tour operator. People can go to the Arctic, Cuba, Middle East, and many other places.

A group can include a maximum of twelve members. The members have a choice of selecting the intimacies. The size of the group can also be reduced on the basis of the selected itinerary.

Austin Adventures

The company is providing its services for the past 25 years. The tour operator can make arrangements for touring in United States National Parks. The other tour options include a tour to Canada, Europe, South, and Central America, Asia, Antarctica, and Africa.

A group can include 18 members along with guides and support crew. The tour operator will also book the tour for a single individual. Such a facility is very rare.


This tour and travel company is popular for arranging tours for small groups. People can explore various parts of the world with the tour packages provided by the company. People can visit various places in different continents. Along with tour packages, the company also offers ship and river cruises and travelers can have the enjoyment of water transport and go to Greece, Cuba, and other places.

Classic Journeys

This tourism company offers traveling to more than 30 countries in five continents. There are many types of trips arranged by the company, which include adventures, family trip, culinary tours, and many others.


This tour operator offers cycling tours, cruises, and other tours. People can visit Canada, Europe, Antarctica, and many other places. A maximum of sixteen members can be included in a group.

Final Verdict

There are many other travel agencies in the United States, which provide tours to various places in the US and abroad. People can contact them and ask for a tour, w

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