Why You Should Support Local Business Manufacturing

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Even though the Internet has made it easier than ever to have a product shipped to your door, many people find that buying local is the only way to go. This is especially true when it comes to manufacturing as people want to be able to deal one-on-one with businesses in the community.

If you’ve found yourself wondering whether you should buy online or shop local, check out the following five reasons it pays to support manufacturing businesses in your community:

  1. Experiencing a Product Leads to Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Purchasing a product online may seem like the faster option, but in many cases, buying from the Internet leads to wasted time and greater expense. You may have a product description to go off of or even a video demonstrating a product, but unless you’re actually able to see and touch a product, you won’t know if it’s right for you until it arrives.

If a product is not what you had hoped for and you choose to return it, you’ve now wasted your time and possibly your money if a manufacturer charges a return or restocking fee. When you buy from a local business, you have the chance to avoid these hassles by knowing exactly what you’re getting for your hard-earned money.

  1. Supporting Local Businesses Means Job Creation

Of course, one of the biggest benefits to buying locally is that it creates jobs in the community. A perfect example of this is Powerblanket, a manufacturer of industrial heating products that has chosen to build its warehouse in America to support American workers. Powerblanket has created hundreds of jobs in the Salt Lake City region, and due to the company’s products being made in America, this translates indirectly to job creation across the country.

Local job creation through the support of local business also spurs innovation, especially if a community becomes known for a particular product or industry. Many people will rely on the resources available in a local area to manufacture specific products that may not be readily available elsewhere in the country. This can solidify a region’s notoriety and help more local jobs to be created as business owners from other industries move to a region to provide things like housing, dining, entertainment and more for growing communities.

  1. Local Businesses Support Communities Through Taxes

Another incentive to buy local is that doing so helps communities through increased tax revenue. Many people take for granted things like roads, bridges, parks and other pieces of local infrastructure, but it’s important to remember that these things are paid for using money collected through taxes.

A thriving local economy, driven by community members purchasing locally, means more tax revenue paid through sales and corporate taxes. All of this combined leads to stronger communities, cleaner environments and modern infrastructure for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Buying Local Creates Educational Opportunities

In some communities, manufacturing providers offer educational opportunities through internships and apprenticeship programs. These programs teach people technical details that they can put to use in strengthening the local economy. Likewise, educational opportunities provided by local business owners allow for generational changes for families that may not have access to higher education.

Some people who take on apprenticeship roles go on to open their own businesses utilizing the skills they’ve learned, and this creates a healthy and competitive marketplace which creates more jobs and stimulates local economies. Local businesses may also offer scholarships to improve educational opportunities for members of the community, and these scholarships are typically made possible through revenue generated from local customers.

  1. Local Business Support Offers a Personal Connection

Finally, when you buy local, you have the chance to form a personal connection with the manufacturers you purchase from. Buying something online often feels cold and robotic, and even though doing so may seem convenient, human nature compels people to seek out personal connections when doing business.

Being able to deal directly with a manufacturer not only provides this personal connection, but it also gives a business owner the chance to get to know the needs of customers in the community. This allows for the business owner to make personalized recommendations, create new products to cater to changing needs and offer deals to local customers that may not be found elsewhere.

Support for local manufacturers simply makes sense for people who want stronger local economies. From job creation to personal service, buying local offers a range of benefits that can’t be matched through online shopping. The next time you’re faced with a purchasing decision, choose products made in America, and do business with manufacturers that support your local community!