Here’s What We Know About Sourcing Welding Equipment During Supply Chain Interruptions

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Negosentro | Here’s What We Know About Sourcing Welding Equipment During Supply Chain Interruptions | Owners of companies that use welding equipment for manufacturing, maintenance of machines, or construction know that they need the best equipment for each job. The equipment must be available at a moment’s notice when it is needed. but, in today’s conditions, it will be difficult to get new welding equipment or replacement parts if one does not have a relationship with a dependable supplier.

Welding Equipment Suppliers To Have On Call

Because of supply chain interruptions and difficulties, it is important to have a dependable supplier who has a stock of products the company may need in advance. Finding a welding product supply company with a good selection of welding equipment before it is needed is important.

Check over all the company welding equipment for damage and wear. Then, order the needed parts or replacement equipment now, before it becomes an emergency. In addition, make sure the welding equipment is cleaned and well-maintained so it lasts longer and will be more dependable on jobs. Suppliers such as Arc Solutions, Inc. offer full-service maintenance programs for companies that rely on welding equipment.

Why Worry About Supply Chains Now?

There are several reasons for supply chain problems including the COVID epidemic, the war in Ukraine, increased shipping charges, and other international issues. If equipment is coming from overseas, the port of entry could be backed up, and unloading the ship could take weeks longer than expected. Whatever the specific reason, a delay in the delivery of important welding equipment can be costly in more ways than one.

What Steps To Take

So, contractors, fabricators, and more commercial companies needing welding services need to find ways of fulfilling contracts and existing orders. They have a few choices of ideas.

  • Outsource welding equipment to a contractor who has reliable welding equipment and operators.
  • Rent available welding equipment. This option gives business owners the use of reliable welding equipment without the worry of owning and maintaining the equipment. Renting equipment has an upfront cost and does not include storage or maintenance costs.
  • Have a relationship with a trusted supplier in advance of needing welding supplies.

Even if a company has a signed order and contract for welding supplies, delays can happen, leaving them in the cold. This is disastrous when there are contracts and orders to fill. It may take months, or even years, for the supply chain to get back to normal. The business will likely be disrupted to some extent for a while yet. It may be necessary to become more resourceful and expand their network of business suppliers. There are industry resources to contact for advice. 

What is Welding Equipment?

Welding equipment includes devices used to provide or modulate an electric current to accomplish arc welding. There are several welding processes. Each process needs the correct equipment and operating protocols. The processes will use either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC).  When equipment breaks down, it can be a mere inconvenience with parts available from the supplier quickly, or a disaster with job delays and unhappy customers.

Because this process involves special equipment and power supply, it is important to keep equipment in top condition and have knowledgeable operators. The difference is in how the business owner has planned for equipment breakdowns and the need for replacement parts. Advance planning is even more important during supply chain disruptions.


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