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Make Your Brand Stand Out From The Competition | Ask ICEA Group | Today, the popularity of a brand is known by its online presence; the greater the popularity the bigger the brand. And the competition in the world of internet businesses is getting fierce every day. Therefore, it is crucial for a business to stay ahead of the game and have a user-friendly, engaging, and share-worthy website. Another benefit of having a website that counts better than the competitors is that the website will also have a better SEO and will usually rank higher than others. Are there any key factors to consider? iCEA Group North America proves they are.

User-friendly website 

Whoever said, first impression matters, wasn’t lying. Appearance is everything when it comes to drawing customers to the website. A neat and clean yet eye-catching website will attract more visitors. Whereas, a website that looks heavy and unappealing will deter a visitor in a fraction of seconds. An  iCEA Group North America specialist always recommends using colors that complement each other, fonts that are easily visible, and placement of the content to find the information quickly and easily.

Valuable Content 

The content of the website does play a vital role. It not only keeps the customers engaged, but it also controls the number of visits on the website. How to write a great content? An iCEA Group North America SEO expert answers: “Content must answer the information the users are looking for. Having funny content on a website whose niche is entertainment will only work in the website’s favor. Google understands that if people are spending more time on the website and the exit rate is less, then the website is providing the relevant content that is helpful for the users. This will help in the ranking and will take the website to a new height. 

Landing Page 

A good landing page pulls visitors and compels them to close a conversion. The goal behind a landing page should be towards conversion, either by filling out a form, making a purchase, or downloading an ebook. Often, the colors red and green are known to increase the landing page conversions, but above all, there must be a strong contrast between the colors of the button and the background.

Mobile- friendly 

The majority of people access the internet from their phones or tablets, so the website must work well on these devices. Optimizing the website for mobile phones will not only improve the experience for the customers but will also boost the website’s rankings on the search engine as well. The website needs to be responsive so that it is easy for users to read and navigate. 

Always perform the mobile-friendly test to check if the texts are easily readable and there is no overlapping of text as this will force users to click away from the website. This is quintessential for all E-Commerce websites. If the mobile version of the website looks spammy or is difficult to navigate, then it is unlikely to convert customers – an iCEA Group North America SEO Specialist suggests.

Keep it simple

Try to avoid too many complicated layers on the website. This makes it difficult for the users to access information or view products. Everyone loves surfing websites, but it gets tiresome to skip through too many pages to reach the final page. Take a look at  this example:

Home > Accessories > More > Belts> Women belts > Types > Leather

And now, look at this one:

Home> Women Accessories > Belts > Leather 

Which one would you like?

Loading Time

Nothing is more annoying for a user than to visit a website that takes too long to load. In fact, slow speed is one of the common reasons for visitors to leave a website. Make sure the website loads within 4 to 6 seconds as this also affects the search engine ranking.

Doing a page speed test to understand where the website stands is always a good option. One must understand that customer expectations have changed drastically in recent years. Usually, a visitor will only wait for a few seconds for the page to load, after that they will most likely switch to a competitor’s site and probably will never visit again – iCEA Group North America shares an experience.

All About Images 

Without images, a website looks dull and uninteresting. But it doesn’t mean that a website should be bombarded with the same generic stock photos. It is often seen that there are tons of websites cluttered with more or less the same photos. The popular brands have only original images on their websites, as they are aware that original pictures give a better user experience and thus, a better ranking on the search engine. Furthermore, it is recommended to customize the name of the images. Giving a personalized name to images helps the search engines to understand them better and improves the SEO value attached to them. It can have the same effect as personalised stickers have on image building. Lastly, always pay attention to “alt tags”. If for any reason the images failed to load, then alt tags will help the users to understand what the image is all about. 

Conclusion from a conversation with Group North America

Website usability has a greater role in the success of a website. Good usability helps in providing a seamless experience for visitors and improves the ranking. The above are the factors that every website must include in order to make it stand out from the rest.

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