What Is a Cantilever Automated Gate and How Its Working?


Ann Gabriel | Negosentro.com | What Is a Cantilever Automated Gate and How Its Working? | Gates are needed for the protection of the premises of an industry or a commercial building. This is the prime need and cannot be compromised at any given point and time. Most companies prefer to use normal sliding gates but they forget the factor that if there is snow fall or storm these gates can collapse or become not operational. The particular type of gate that can serve the purpose and is the best choice is cantilever automated gate. The market is flooded with companies who install these gates and can offer a servicing from time to time. These gates are very wide and perfect for large applications. They save space as well as big trailers can be moved in and out of the yard comfortably. The gates are strong and hence it is quite difficult to intrude the premises. It is quite inhuman to have a guard operating a huge gate standing outside in a difficult weather condition.

What are the two components of the cantilever automated gates?

The Automated Cantilever Gate has two basic components. They are the gate and the gate operator. The gate is the physical gate which is installed alongside the fence and can be of ornamental iron or chain link material.

  • The Gate operator moves the gate in and out sliding it open or close. There are several types of operators. They can be chain driven, hydraulic or gear driven.
  • Rails that run along the fence are installed throughout the length of the inside of the fence and the gate slides on the rails beside the fence. Like the name suggests the Cantilever gate is a structure that hangs over the gate opening.
  • Since the gate takes support of the fence the width needs to be large. This is usually half of the gate opening itself and is called a counterbalance. These gates do not have rollers along the ground making them more reliable however needs lots of space beside the gate.

What are the three types of automated cantilevered gates?

  • Full Cantilever Gates: These gates have the normal functionality and are installed with the help of wheels and they are made to hang over the rails. These gates are easy to install and can be very reasonable. They are made of iron and hence are fairly safe.
  • Top hang Cantilever Gates. As the name suggests these are hung from the top. This implies that the rollers are on the top and the gates are suspended on the rails from top. This feature makes the gate quite efficient in areas where the weather can really be bad and snow can block the movement. The mechanism is not majorly affected as the gate operators are on the top.
  • Bottom Track Cantilever Gates: This gate has similar feature but the rails or panels are installed at the bottom. So the gate moves on the wheels on a rail installed down. However, these rails are not usually on the ground.  But adversities of weather may create a hindrance as these gates basically take the support of the rails attached along the side of the fence.

These are best available options for choosing automated gate but not to forget that we have to choose basis the weather and the location of the industry or the building. You can now choose from different types of cantilevered gates available for both domestic and commercial zones. They are sometimes also installed in domestic parking lots, but you need to maintain these gates all throughout the year to ensure their smooth operation.

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