What Buyers Like to See When Shopping

shopping smart

People shop today differently than before. When they are buying, especially online, they have a different attitude. If you can tap into this and present them with what they want to see, you can profit as a result. So make sure you understand the key concepts below. Then, put them to use in your business so you can have the most success in the coming months:

Modern Design

Your website design should be modern. No longer can you get buy with outdated web pages that look like they were put together by your nephew in the 90’s. People expect sites to look and feel great. They should be streamlined.

Make sure to hire a designer if you are not great at doing things like this yourself. People will make a first impression the moment they hit your site. If they don’t like what they see, they will bounce. Your site’s design tells them whether you’re even worth doing business with in the first place.


There have been a lot of high profile security breaches in recent history. Even large institutions with millions of dollars to spend on security are getting hacked. Therefore, people want to know that their information is going to be safe with you. It is no longer okay to use just http on your website. You need https at a minimum.

This is one of the first things people can see right in their browsers. Furthermore, you need to solidify the backend of your site. When you process financial transactions, people should be going through a secure portal. This helps ensure that a third party cannot sneak themselves into the transaction somehow.

Your Product’s Main Benefits

Your principal benefits should be in your headline. They should also be in big letters or bullet points on your site. This should be easy to see. They want to know exactly what your product will do for them.

Social Proof

Social proof is one of the strongest things you can put to use for your business. It involves the most basic of human emotions. They want to see other people approving of your product. If they do, they will be much more likely to trust it. And that is one of the things that is in such short supply online.

A Guarantee

A guarantee is another way to build trust. If you don’t have any guarantee, then people don’t want to take the risk. After all, they have never met you face to face. What if you are a fly by night company? You could just take their money and run. You need to keep in mind that Amazon offers guarantees and it has become standard.

The Product (In Action)

You spend a lot of time making sure your product is amazing. You test it, tweak it, and market it. So be sure to feature it. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your product off the front page. They want to see it so they can imagine owning it. Then, you’re already halfway to the next sale.

You or Your Brand Face

A proper sales funnel template will include multiple pages to convert the customer. However, on each page you should have a picture of a real person. This could be you or your ambassador. Either way, it forms a connection with the buyer. They feel they are forming a relationship and truly know the person or business they are about to transact with. Without this connection, they might not convert.

Getting people to take out their wallets and buy something is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of hard work. More than anything, however, it takes an understanding of how customers actually shop in today’s day and age. Then, you can put together a site and a funnel that really servers their needs. As a result, they’ll reward you with their hard earned money.

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