Brace Yourself for the Amazing Christmas Discount Deals on Xnspy

Finally, the holiday season is here. With the Christmas in sight, houses are glowing, malls are bustling, and shoppers are busy buying gifts for the big day. Amid all this shopping galore, we all know we have to look for the best deals. After all, this is a season of giving, and sharing, and having. With that notion in view, we have a great deal for you this Christmas that is going to keep you happy not just for the Christmas period but all year long.

After an overwhelming response from the subscribers to the Cyber Monday discounts, Christmas discount deals on Xnspy are once again ready to knock you off with a HUGE 40% discount!

Offering one of the extensive smartphone monitoring solutions in the market, Xnspy is popular among parents and employers alike. If you were looking for a good monitoring solution, then now is the right time to get one and save big on your subscription.

How to avail Xnspy’s Christmas discount?

There are so many offers on the internet that we miss the ones we really need. So in order for you not to miss on this amazing Christmas deal by Xnspy, we are explaining to you the process following which you can avail the 40% discount at the subscription.

It’s important to mention here that you will not find Xnspy on Android or iPhone apps stores. The only way to subscribe and avail the discount is through their official website. Beware of landing into a scam by subscribing from another site.

Follow these steps to get your discount.

  • Log on to their website (
  • On their homepage, click/tap anywhere on the “Buy Now” button.
Xnspy Homepage
Figure 1: Xnspy Homepage
  • You will be directed to the “Buy Now” page where you will see two different packages on your screen. The packages offered by the Xnspy can be subscribed for monthly, quarterly, and yearly periods. The longer the plan you subscribe to, the greater will be the discounts.

    • Buy Now page showing the packages offered by XnspyFigure 2: Buy Now page showing the packages offered by Xnspy

    Select the package of your choice and it will direct you to the checkout page.  

    • "Discount Code" boxFigure 3: The count must be entered under the “Discount Code” box

    The offer page automatically pops up on your screen to avail the discount. If it does not appear on your screen, then follow the second way.

    • slash the price by 40%Figure 4: This box will appear on your screen. Clicking on it will automatically apply the code and slash the price by 40%

    On the checkout page, there will be a blank space by the name of “Discount Code” right under the “Xnspy Plans” option. Enter the discount code “XDC40” in this blank space and select “Apply” option next to it.

    • discount code boxFigure 5: Manually enter the code “XDC40” in the discount code box

    When you apply this code, 40% price of the selected package will be slashed and you will see the updated price on the screen.

    • discount boxFigure 6: The new price after applying the code in the discount box

    Now click on the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions and proceed to the checkout to complete the sale.

What can be expected from Xnspy?

You would get more than 35 features if you subscribe for the premium package of Xnspy. Here are some notable mentions.

Remote monitoring: You get a variety of remote monitoring features with Xnspy. There are many ways you can remotely control a smartphone e.g. you can lock the phone without touching it. Similarly, you can remotely wipe the phone in case it is lost.

Compatibility: Xnspy is compatible with both iPhone and Android. It can be used on the latest iPhone X Max or the previous versions without jailbreaking them. On Android, you can use it on any phone having Oreo 8.0 besides using it on the previous versions.

Maintain Watch lists: Sometimes you don’t want to go through all the data in your Xnspy account. Xnspy makes monitoring convenient by offering alerts for specific information that you want to be notified about. All you need to do is to set watch lists for words, emails, contacts, and even places in your Xnspy account. Whenever any of the watch listed information appears on the monitored phone, you are instantly notified.

Xnspy analytics: Xnspy gives its users information in the best way possible way. With this feature, a user can see the top 5 callers that called the most on the phone. It also gives a list to top call durations. Xnspy gives a similar assessment of internet browsing history of the user.

Xnspy’s Christmas sale is a limited time offer which may continue during the rush of Christmas sales. But why wait for the last minute when you can do it now?