Understanding a Paradigm Shift of KIK Messenger from Android to PC

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Negosentro.com | KIK is a mobile application similar to WhatsApp and Viber efficiently used on both android and iPhone for messaging. One distinctive advantage that keeps the app set apart from other messaging application is an internal browser that leads to several added functionalities and users staying more within the app. 

The distinctive KIK Browser comes with various benefits to offer to all its users. The browser has various added internal applications encompassing dating app, games, meme generators, and many more. Some of the other important characteristics or internal applications of the browser include: 

  • Match & Chat: These are applications similar to Tinder. Both the apps do all the matching based on gender and ages. 
  • Flirt: This dating app works by the concept of age matching so that two people falling in the same age group range can connect with each other. 
  • Sticker App: This is an application to buy various stickers to use for chatting and messaging. You need to have a credit card or similar payment gateway to purchase the app or the products of the app.

When it comes to using the application to take benefits of all its functions, it follows a simple process. Your username becomes your personal identity on the messenger application and if you wish to connect with others, you need to have their usernames. Your personal information like email address and contact details are not disclosed on the app. You can connect with just anyone from your phone address book but he or she should have a KIK account. You do have an option of turning off the feature of address book matching to disconnect with the kik messenger. Moreover, if you desire you can select some names to connect from the address book and then only those names you can connect with if they have the kik account. 

To manage all the messages from new people or strangers, you need to follow the steps below: 

  • Firstly, you need to know the username of the person with whom you desire to connect
  • When a new message appears, it displays on the section assigned for new chats
  • Then you decide whether you wish to respond to the message or ignore the same
  • You can either block or delete the message and the user or can report the message as spam

The messenger is much in news and word of mouth recommendations amongst friends and relatives. In a very short span of time, the messenger app has created its own benchmark in the digital world. Some of the most common functions of KIK include:

  • Chatting one to one with efficiency and high performance
  • Sharing messages, videos, pictures, gifts, and important pieces of communication
  • Excellent customization features
  • An option of continuing chat communication from a point where it was left earlier
  • Group chat with approximate 49 people simultaneously
  • Also an option of anonymous chats and promoted chats
  • Blocking feature helps easily block any unwanted contacts from your address phone.
  • The application is a wide community of active users that makes it easy and convenient to connect with friends anytime
  • The application is free to use on all mobile phones
  • Free to download on all phones

With all the functionalities and incredible features, KIK had become an excitement amongst the active mobile and web users. They had an aspiration to use the functions on a larger screen and have a completely different feel of handling and using the app. This eventually paved way for a paradigm shift of KIK Messenger from Android to PC. It works as a charm on computers and has become one of the most favorite chatting apps working with simplicity and the freedom of communication. It has now become a multi-platform application that is widely used on computers, laptops, and Mac. To know more about KIK for PC, see the detailed post. 

When working on PC, KIK messenger application has its own set of benefits apart from the advantages it delivers as an app optimized for Android. These benefits are as follows:

  • The key benefit of using KIK on PC is cost. You save lots of money on restricted data and text plans allotted to your SIM card plan.
  • The texting app allows you to stay anonymous whenever required.
  • You can have private chats with high-end security without any worries and burden of web disclosures
  • The browser feature allows you to continue chat while browsing anything you desire on the internet
  • The user interface is friendly, simple, easy to navigate, and spontaneous
  • On the computers it becomes easy and efficient to restore previous chats and resume the same 
  • You can safeguard all your important information otherwise stores in your chats

Now when the significance of KIK on PC has taken a revolutionary venture in the digital arena, let us understand how to use the messaging application on computers and how to get an easy access to all the features and functions. As this is a mobile application, you cannot directly download and install it on your computer. However, mentioned below are few methods that help you download the application with ease:

  • If you are active user of Google Chrome then you can use the Chrome Extension to download KIK.
  • You can have Android emulators installed on your PC that works to imitate or copy all the functions of a mobile application on a computer. Bluestacks is the most preferred choice when it comes to using an emulator.
  • You also have an option to download the app using Windows Store but this method is not applicable for everyone. This is because Window Stores have to meet certain specifications of the version to get the functionalities of the app on your PC. 
  • You can also have an option of copying the app from iPhone to PC using the program iMyFone D-Port Pro. This is an incredible program with unique and exciting features for all its users and enables you to use the application on your computer without the need of downloading it.
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