Building A Business With Mobile In Mind

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Building A Business With Mobile world of mobile marketing |  The Internet has changed the way business has been conducted ever since it started going widespread around the world in the 1990s. Many businesses have started and grown to be some of the largest businesses in the world such as Amazon. Since 2007, the smartphone era started with the release of the first  iPhone and how we viewed mobile devices in the scheme of business has changed. It’s important to look at how you can navigate mobile today to have a successful business.

Payment Systems

To make payments for credit cards in the past, businesses have had to rely on expensive cash register systems that are required to be linked up with credit card networks. Some of the best apps for small business today are payment systems such as Clover or Square. These apps are for mobile credit card processing, and they let you charge a customer’s credit card by swiping it through a small mobile reader that can plug into the bottom of your phone or tablet. Setting up these credit card processing systems is very cheap to do and they can even often come with the actual readers for free. If you’re running a small business and need a system so you can accept credit cards, consider these apps.

Social Media

Often if you wanted to talk about an issue with a business, you were required to call them and wait on line to possibly talk with someone who would be able to solve your issue. Today, businesses can utilize social media to make it even easier for those on mobile or on computers to talk with a business and be happier coming back as a repeat customer. For example, a small shop can set up a Twitter account with multiple workers having access to it. Some advanced Twitter programs for businesses allow you to filter based on words that are being tweeted at you, so they could have a message automatically sent to specific workers depending on what words are used in the tweets. Having personalized social media pages that work quickly is a great way to build a business up.


Many large businesses have their own mobile apps today like Domino’s Pizza that lets you order pizza for delivery or takeout using just a phone. For small businesses though, getting a team to build an app can be expensive as you don’t have to just worry about initially getting the app running but paying for the support over time to add new features and making sure it works well on newer phones as they release. Building a web page that works on mobile can be very viable over building an app for a multitude of reasons. First, if you want to get a customer to say order food from your business for the first time, making it so they can do it from a mobile web page could be the make or break for them as most people wouldn’t want to install an app for a small business that they are going to for the first time. Second, you can gain a lot more exposure as having a web page tied to your search listings makes it a lot easier for a potential customer to gain knowledge of what your business is truly about. Lastly, building a web page is a lot cheaper to have made as fewer changes need to be made to have it running on every viable platform. If you’re fine with a more basic site, you should be able to get this running all by yourself as long as you have a bit of technological knowledge. By utilizing webpages, you can have a successful small business.


Today, mobile still changes how businesses run in different ways. Make sure you keep up with current trends to be more successful and stay running if you are a business owner. By keeping up with mobile, you can run a business today. 

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