Top 10 Wearable Tech that can be Presented this 2018


Len Harlew, Negosentro | It is a wonder how time flies and before you knew it, it was 2018 already. Not only time and trends have rolled but technological advancements are at an all-time high. In fact, the popularity of high-tech gadgets has already made into our homes, with their easy availability in the market. Tech freaks have already listed their favourites in this New Year and also predicted the ones that will gain much popularity.

It is a topic of debate to choose the finalists of this year’s tech race. Let us look into the top 10 wearable gadgets that are set take 2018 by storm.

  • Amazon Smartglasses

Amazon is cooking up quite a spread this year. A possible launch of wearable smartglasses is set to hit the market soon. Accompanied by voice assistant Alexa, the glasses use the technology of bone-conduction audio along its frame, making it free of earbuds but maintaining the look and feel of a regular pair of spectacles.

  • Smart Patch

A long-awaited speculation will probably come true by companies like Samsung and E Ink as condensation of technology becomes more and more advanced. A revolutionary idea for individual health monitoring, this bad boy is sure to hit the market with a bang. This also builds makeable healthcare prospects for independents seniors.

  • Women’s Safety X Prize

Of all the things in the world, this piece of gadget probably tops the list. A device that helps protect women against harassments, the final inventor will be chosen from a contest who that makes the most impactful one.

  • VR Eye Tracking

VR and its true feature will unfold eye tracking. Virtual reality is now true to its very essence with HTC Vibe being the first to incorporate it. A way for social VR, it will, of course, have a lot more practical uses as well.

  • Ingestible

Nanotechnology has reached a point where it can practically overcome most difficulties. These ingestible pills will help doctors detect cancer cells or any other internal issues for that matter. It can be used to detect temperatures, the ingestion of medicines and so much more!

  • Neuroscience

The potential and capacity of the brain is a topic that has been ventured over and over again. Neuroscience has advanced beyond belief of course but there is still so much more to know. Successful implementation and use of gadgets to enhance athletic potential or to relieve stress have been doing the rounds but the safety was debatable. Whether there are more answers, only 2018 will tell.

  • Apple Watch

With many new features, the Apple Watch series 4 is releasing this year. With sleep tracking features, this baby is going to be a hit!

  • Running with power

Want a performance metric to determine the intensity of your run? Garmin is here is with an app specially made for runners. A boon for all those runners out there, 2018 will be a good, good year for you guys.

  • Serious Health Tracking

Calorie count and heart rate apart, health trackers until now did not have any active participation in determining other health counts. With Apple and Fitbit heading the game, meaningful health trackers may be a reality in 2018, an answer to many problems that faced on the go.

  • Augmented Reality

One of the biggest talking points of the last year augmented reality has been a matter of inconceivable prospects. But let me break it to you. It is here and for good. The fine line between real and virtual is all set to shatter in this thrilling year!

Last Words…

It is nearly unbelievable how things have changed technologically over the year. What seemed like dreams are now a reality and a product of everyday use. In 2018, we move one step ahead into the bigger expanse where dimensions and virtual realities have no demarcated lines of existence. And of course, we wish to explore more.