Top 10 Destinations to Visit for the New Year’s Eve


Don York, Negosentro | As the date is approaching, party people worldwide are making plans for the evening. There are thousands of places you can visit and probably about a hundred of top places. The following locations are either legendary or unique in a special way, though admittedly they all are. Let’s take you on a celebration tour around the globe and you can decide what you want to see more of.

New York!

Let’s start with the most obvious one. The main celebration takes place on famous Times Square where people get to enjoy live entertainment while anticipating the countdown. You can be there when the ball drops and signals the beginning of the New Year. As it is one of the world’s party capitals, you will be able to find a suitable place to take the party to and warm up after spending an evening in the square. If you are traveling to NYC for the holidays, make sure to visit some of the preceding December events which take place all over the city. Some of them are even on Times Square so you can visit them and use the opportunity to check it out and find your way around it on the 31st.


This is the most romantic city in the world so it probably has the greatest number of marriage proposals, imagine what happens in the New Year’s Eve. The city of lights, light up even more with spectacular fireworks using Eiffel Tower as its centerpiece. You can join hundreds of thousands of people parting in the street. Alternatively, you can go on a romantic cruise on the Seine or enjoy the view from Montmartre.


Yet another capital, this time of the greatest monarchy in the world today. The celebration is trying to live up to the glories reputation of the country itself. You can do the countdown next to the world’s most famous clock and enjoy 10-minute fireworks. After the open party ends, about quarter of a million people scatters across the city to attend one of the numerous parties. The entire city is full of different activities and events for you to attend including the New Year’s Day Parade and ice skating in Hyde Park.

Las Vegas

I can never imagine anyone doing anything serious in Vegas, apart from having a seriously good time. This is a whole different prospect because, unlike the previous three cities, Vegas is placed in a desert. The party starts at 6 pm and it offers a street-festival- like party plus parties and events within pretty much any hotel or a restaurant in the city.

Rio de Janiero

Another New Year’s Eve without snow. This is the largest festive beach party in the world with about 2 million people attending. As if the beach was not pretty enough, you are in for traditional firework display at midnight. You will be able to witness a unique party filled with religious emotions and actions performed by locals. Always where exotic and tasteful, the locals dress in white and toss flowers into the ocean.



The capital of Scotland, full of history and standing proud in its beauty, Edinburgh is a host to Hogmanay celebration. You will be able to act large-scale concerts and enjoy the midnight fireworks which only signal the beginning of the party which lasts the entire night. Witness the Scottish charm and learn about their tradition. Once you wake up, you are in for a real treat, sled-racing dogs and swimming in a freezing river. There is no better metaphor for a fresh start!


Dubrovnik is one of Croatia’s oldest and most beautiful towns. Placed on the Adriatic coast and within a fortress, Dubrovnik will provide a unique experience and entertainment provided by Croatian’s musicians and lively locals. It has been made famous worldwide for setting the scenery for some of the Game of Thrones scenes so this is definitely the perfect time to come and walk in the shoes of the Dragon Queen.

Hong Kong

One of the most heavily populated cities in the world, Hong Kong provides a party for everyone. The main event takes place at Victoria Harbor. They also have a replica of New York’s dropping-ball in one of their famous shopping malls. The most amazing attraction comes right after a glorious firework display, the dancing dragon. This is another way of you celebrating the New Year’s Eve with dragons.


Sydney is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities and their ability to party and fascinate improves every year. Choosing this destination for your New Year’s celebration will make you one of the first people to enter the New Year. Their firework display is the largest one in the world so brace yourself. Owners of the short term accommodation Chatswood say that it is almost impossible to find a place to say for the holidays which proves that the party is very popular.

Disney World, Orlando

This is a type of celebration for families and those young at heart. The Walt Disney World opens its gates on the 31st December and those not close them till 1 am the following day. You get to enter the New Year riding one of their famous rollercoasters and having fun with your children. Even though family traditions are very important, it does not hurt to experience something new and adventures for a change.

Wherever you decide to, or if you decide to stay, I am sure that with the right people, you will have an experience of a lifetime.