Tips on Security and Safety for Those Who Live Alone

Security and Safety

People who live alone need to be extra careful with the safety and security of their home and themselves. Living alone can be really beneficial because you don’t have to worry about the increase in the electricity bill because of your roommate or share a closet space. But it also means having to deal with safety and security matters all on your own. It means you have to take care of yourself and be safe. Ensuring that the door is properly shut, windows are closed and your alarm system is on, are just the basics of securing your home. There are further factors that will ensure higher security and safety for you and your home.

Here are some important tips on safety and security for the ones who live alone.

  1. Before You Move In

There are certain security and safety checks that you should do before you move into the house. You should check whether the doors are made of solid wood or metal. Make sure all windows of your house are closing properly and also check that all latches and bolts are working smoothly. Apart from this, you should check the neighbourhood, the security system of the building or house you live in and before you move in. You should always get the lock of your main entrance changed. Always get a new lock for your main entrance before moving into a new home because there’s always a risk of the old keys having been in the wrong hands.

  1. Security Equipment

If you want to be further sure about your safety and secure your house, get some latest technology security equipment installed in your house. You can opt to get CCTV cameras, motion sensor alarms, burglar alarm system, surveillance systems etc. This will distribute the responsibility of keeping your house safe on security systems, which are quite effective and successful in monitoring and preventing suspicious activities in and around the house.

  1. Emergency Contacts

Your family may not reside in the same city as you, so that’s why it’s important to have local emergency contacts. This could be your neighbour, your colleague or a friend, but always have some trusted, emergency contacts on speed dial so that you can get in touch with them whenever there is an urgent need.

  1. Know Who’s Next Door

It’s always a good idea to know and be good friends with your neighbour. In case of an emergency you can always get in touch with them and they can help you out. And they can also take care of your house while you’re away. Being friends with your neighbour will make things very comfortable for you.

  1. Always be Aware and Careful

It’s extremely important that you use your sense of knowledge and awareness to be careful while living alone. Common sense like not letting strangers into your house, not leaving the keys under the doormat and not giving your address to strangers, are the kind of things you have to be careful with while you’re living alone.

  1. When on Vacation

Avoid keeping valuable things like jewellery and lots of cash in your house when you’re going out of the city for some work or taking a vacation. Inform your neighbours of your whereabouts and make sure your alarm systems are working well.


You should also ensure that you know where the nearest police station to your house is. It’s also important that you do not let many people know that you live alone. Just keep information about your address and your house amongst a close circle of family and friends.

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