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Negosentro | Materials and Styles to Overhaul Your Home Aesthetic | Wanting to overhaul the appearance of your home isn’t unusual. Spending so much time in a certain environment can draw awareness to its flaws, and finally having the opportunity to customize this environment can provide you with a great degree of freedom. However, the last thing you want is to get to this stage but find your options are more limited than you expected, forcing you into a result you aren’t entirely happy with.

Therefore, broadening your perspective and understanding the full range of materials and styles that you have for any given room can go a long way to prevent this – helping you to get excited again about the prospect of rejuvenation. 

The Modern Home

Several people find themselves inclined toward the modern aesthetic. This often incorporates a minimalist mentality, keeping the environment as sleek and clean as possible with materials that reflect light and add a sophisticated air. What turns some people away from the modern aesthetic is that they can sometimes feel as though it looks too bare or lifeless, lacking some of the character that might come with more decorative efforts. 

However, these issues might be something that you can overcome through the utilization of the right materials and design choices. Woodstone is a good example of this, and exploring options such as can help to infuse your modern home with an air of the natural, complementing your ambition with an element of the natural world.

Being Bohemian

On perhaps the other end of the spectrum entirely, you have the bohemian style. This characterizes itself through a more structureless and relaxed approach to design, often making heavy use of natural light and elements like houseplants to present a cozier atmosphere. While you’re obviously free to pick and choose from whichever housing styles appeal to you, giving you complete control over the end result, the bohemian style appeals to some people because of the inherent freedom within it and how each individual might approach it from a different perspective. 

Marble Countertops

While many people might feel as though the implementation of marble in the home brings it closer in line with the modern aesthetic, it might be more versatile than you initially believe – capable of blending with a wide range of interior styles that makes it a strong point of consideration regardless of your preferences.

It’s not unusual to find that the kitchen is a more difficult place to decorate than the rest of the home due to the practical purpose that it serves, which can make it harder to blend in with the more decorative aspects of your home. Having a solution such as this can sometimes be exactly what you’re looking for. 

Eclectic Style

It’s not unusual to be aware of an interior design style on some level, to have a sense of recognition, without fully identifying it as a unique style. While outlets such as IKEA have been popular for furniture for a long time, the kind of decorative work that goes into their in-store showrooms often gravitates around the eclectic style. These are designed to be aesthetically appealing, but the unique charm of the style involves a disparity in the decoration that can make individual ornaments look opposed but unified in how their overall dynamic benefits the room.

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