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NEGOSENTRO | Qure PH – Teleconsult App Philippines that’s Finding a remedy for every Filipino | Install Qure.ph, a one-stop health shop app curated by Filipinos for Filipinos, to replace all of your other health apps. With the Qure.ph app, you can book online doctor’s visits, veterinary appointments, pharmaceutical purchases, and more.

Where can I find out more about Qure.ph?

Qure.ph is a medical and wellness services online platform in the Philippines. Its goal is to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and comprehensive. For the time being, Qure.ph is concentrating on appointment setting, online pharmacy purchases, and on-demand consultations through its partner pharmacies. Just think about how convenient it is to set up appointments right from your phone.

For example, you could consult an expert via the internet or visit a laboratory or a veterinarian clinic. Qure.ph’s uploading system for traditional and e-prescriptions is used for the issuance of drug prescriptions. The same is true for lab requests, lab results, medical certifications, hospital admission letters, and even letters of recommendation with a brief description or credentials of the attending doctor.

Then there’s the ease of ordering drugs over the internet and having them delivered to your door or picked up. Qure.ph, an app that delivers medicine to your door, is changing the way people get their medication in the future. Your new buying experience should be seamless, digital, and hassle-free, with Cash on Delivery accessible up to P1000 worth of pharmaceuticals and a same-day or scheduled delivery option.

Is it free or is there a charge?

On both IOS and Android, you may get Qure.ph for nothing by downloading the app. Healthcare providers’ services, on the other hand, will be charged a fee based on the service or product purchased. Even if you’re busy, you may book meetings up to six months in advance and be alerted a day in advance of your confirmed schedule to maximize your time and availability. Although the patient must pay before the appointment can be confirmed, the money will be held in escrow for the protection of the user for an hour after the appointment has ended. If things don’t go according to plan, you can reschedule your appointments at no additional fee at least three (3) working days before your original appointment time. However, keep in mind that rescheduling is contingent on the healthcare provider’s schedule being open. Refunds will be placed into your Qure wallet account if you need to cancel the appointment and ask for a complete refund. Contact Qure.ph at support@qure.ph if you have any other questions or issues.

Is it more important to love or take care of yourself?

Of course, healthcare does not stop at medical visits and prescribed medication. Aesthetics, fitness, and nutrition are all part of your overall well-being. You’ll be able to use the same app to get things like facials, lasers, body treatments, and other spa-type services. You can schedule appointments for classes like yoga, Zumba, and gym workouts on Qure.ph as well. Have you had a hectic week? Make a reservation and treat yourself to a body massage or other spa service.

What’s the most exciting part? The experience is quite similar to having your own personal virtual assistant. Your sessions won’t slip your mind because you’ll receive a notification from the app the day before your scheduled time. Be on the lookout for promotional offers such as gift cards, coupon codes, and discounts.

Who’s going to look after my animals?

You’re right, what about my pets? Pets are considered members of the family by the majority of their owners. We’re with you all the way. Let us assure you that we have heard you. Access nearest Vet clinic partners on Qure.ph and book medical services such as consultations, labs, basic grooming, anti-rabies injection and even flea removal on Qure.ph. Deworming, vaccination and basic grooming are all available. Plus, you won’t have to cancel your vacation or staycation plans this time. For pet owners who need a safe place to put their animals while they are away, Qure.ph has a list of partners who provide affordable boarding services.

Do you need assistance?

Do you require the assistance of an additional set of hands? Is there a lot on your plate right now? Nursing Care is also available in Qure.ph, with two options: in-home care or in-patient care in a hospital. You will be provided with a short biography and/or list of certifications for the nurse or assistant. Like all other appointment settings, you can book up to six months in advance and change your mind three days in advance if something unexpected comes up during that time period.

Qure.ph has a star rating system and a complaint ticketing system because we value your input.

Take advantage of this opportunity to bring your health and wellness routines up to date, all with the help of a single app. Everyone in the Philippines deserves a Qure, so you know you’ve earned it.

Image: Photo by Puwadon Sang-ngern from Pexels

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