Why You Shouldn’t Attempt To Resolve These Plumbing Issues On Your Own


Why You Shouldn’t Attempt To Resolve These Plumbing Issues On Your Own | Dripping faucet, clogged pipe, non-functional garbage disposal, we have all attempted to solve plumbing problems on our own to get rid of them instantly. It’s possible to resolve minor plumbing issues on your own but a minor water heater leaking could be a sign of a bigger problem. You may only be able to fix the symptoms not the disease.

For the correct diagnosis and repair of the root of the plumbing problem, it’s always better to get professional help from a plumbing service. So here’s a list of some of the plumbing problems that you shouldn’t attempt to resolve on your own and why.

1.Water Heating Problems

If you are  facing problems with your water heater, it’s recommended that you call for professional heating and plumbing services because a water heater can be a complicated and dangerous device. If you do not have experience of working with one, then you could further damage the water heater or hurt yourself in the process of attempting to repair it yourself.

  1. Water Line Damage

Damage to a water line is quite a serious problem for you to fix on your own. Depending on the seriousness and the extent of the problem, water line damage could seep into walls, damage pipes, flood your home and cause serious problems. To assess, understand the extent of the problem and fix it from the root cause, you must definitely call plumbing professionals. At first look of the problem it may seem like it’s just a pipe leaking, but it could be a much bigger problem, so don’t hesitate to make a call to a professional plumbing service.

  1. Pipe Leak

If you’ve noticed that your water bill and water consumption is higher than it should be or you notice low water pressure, running water sound etc. anything that may point towards a pipe leak, don’t try to repair the leak on your own. You may not possess the proper tools and knowledge required to repair a leaking pipe. Always call professional plumbers to repair and rectify such damages.

  1. Clogging

Small drain and toilet clogs are easier to resolve on your own. But if you’ve got major clogging problems like slow drains and if your plunger isn’t doing the trick, it’s time to call plumbing experts to look at your drainage. A professional plumber will be able to do the necessary cleaning or repairs that your drains and pipes require. Calling a professional plumbing service for such major damages will ensure that your damage doesn’t increase and gets resolved as soon as possible.

  1. Instant Help

If you witness sudden flooding, leakages or clogging, which you weren’t aware of and don’t know how to resolve this, just call a plumbing service. It’s always better to rely on a plumber to handle emergency situations because they will know the best temporary solution to a problem before they do a detailed analysis and figure out the root cause.


A lot of home owners try to save on the cost of hiring professional plumbers to resolve what may look like a small issue, but it may be a major plumbing problem underneath. Trying to resolve major plumbing issues on your own may cause further damage and cost you even more money than you thought you would save from dealing with it on your own. So, any problem that you think is even a bit out of your expertise, just call a plumbing service and let them handle it.