Tech Tools That Will Make Running A Business Easier

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Running a business is often exhausting despite all its rewards. However, there are a lot of tech tools that entrepreneurs can use to boost productivity and streamline business operations. It’s often challenging to choose the right tool in a market dominated by hyper-specialized solutions and tools, but the key is to find a tech solution that complement your company’s workflow. Here are five tools to help make work life more manageable and boost productivity.

Blogging and Note-Taking Apps

You need a note-taking and blogging app to make it easier to research, brainstorm, and showcase your brand. Such apps help save a lot of time. Moreover, a note-taking app allows an enterprise to organize its ideas and notes in a centralized location. In fact, it will even enable you to consolidate sound recordings, images, and web pages within a single record. These apps offer a lot of power ranging from conventional blogging options to more advanced task-based features. Blogging apps come with up to 60 MB of space, which is adequate for note-taking. However, project managers need a note-taking app with space of at least 1 GB for storage of critical files. Executives and managers can use blogging and note-taking apps for work and life-related projects.

Recruitment Software

You need to recruit the right professionals to scale up your workforce. Hiring unqualified professionals could expose your venture to all sorts of risks. As such, it’s critical to screen job applicants without compromising accuracy. Recruitment software helps simplify background checks and make the hiring process as seamless as possible. A recruitment app allows for quick and accurate background checks. That way, it’s easier to verify skills, credentials, and references of any potential applicant. And when managing employees’ information gets tough, then it’s time to starting using an HRIS. If this sounds new to you and you are asking yourself what even is an HRIS, let me explain. It’s a software that stores all of your Human Resources information. It holds and organizes information like addresses, birthdays, starting dates, pay rates, salaries, pay stubs, clocking in and out of work, and more. Not only does it store and organize the info, but it makes it easily accessible to you. No more storing HR notes in folders in a filing cabinet in the corner of your office.

Office Security Tools

There are so many options for office security that it isn’t often a concern for an executive team. However, not all of them are very good. For example, a basic door lock system for an office space can cost up to $1,500 to install and set up. If you ever want to change the locking schedule of a system, most require that you do it through the IP address because they are built into your internet. It can take a long time to make those changes. The same thing goes for security cameras, window locks, and more. It’s interesting that office technologies are behind the times so often, because home security companies have made such advances in these technologies. To remedy this problem, you should consider reaching out to a home security company to see what products they offer that would work well for an office space. Going back to the door lock system example, many home security companies offer door locks that can have set schedules and multiple users, and at a fraction of the cost of the alternative. They are controlled with an app and changes can be easily made, saving you time and money, especially when you have new hires who need to be given access.

Accounting Software

Accounting software such as QuickBooks is designed to help small enterprises streamline their accounting programs. It helps a company to manage all its finances from a centralized location. Accounting apps come with a logical, user-friendly interface that accountants can navigate. Accounting software provides an overview of all business financial statements including expenses, income, and balances. QuickBooks enables accountants to capture customized report templates in a thorough and detailed format. Accounts managers can use accounting software to create records for employees, customers, and vendors. You can extend the built-in functionality of these apps as some can integrate with several other third-party apps.

Real-Time Messaging Apps

Managers can use real-time messaging platforms to bring all their team’s live chats in a centralized location. Real-time messaging apps like Slack can integrate with several other productivity apps and services such as Email, Google Drive, SalesForce, and Twitter. As such, it’s easier to streamline workflow with real-time communication platforms. The market for real-time messaging apps may seem fragmented; however, there are plenty of apps that can meet your needs. Communication apps support file sharing in both group and individual conversations. Real-time messaging apps make it easier to search and archive documents, decisions, and discussions.

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