Best Travel Apps of 2018

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One of biggest agents of change in the travel world in recent years has undoubtedly been the smartphone — and travel apps. Whether we know it or not, most of us have pocket-sized travel companions with us wherever we go. All we have to do is load them with all the necessary tools, and the apps below will do an excellent job of keeping you prepared on your journey. Use Dunhill Travel Deals to plan your upcoming getaway, then head to the app store. Let’s go!


Flight delayed? It happens, but thankfully this app is here to help, giving you the lowdown on services, Wi-Fi hotspots, good eats and more in the airport you have to kill time in.

Hotel Tonight

When a booking falls through, or when a day-trip turns into an unexpected overnight excursion, you may have to book a hotel at the last minute during your getaway. Thankfully, many hotels have rooms for that same night that they’re hoping to fill, often at a steep discount. Hotel Tonight connects you to those deals.

Roomer Travel

On the other end, maybe you’ve had to cancel your travel plans at the last minute. Using Roomer, you can sell off your reservations at a discount and make back some of the money you spent to use when booking your next (and hopefully more successful) trip.


When you finally go on that road trip, GasBuddy will help you keep costs low by not only finding nearby gas stations, but also arranging them by price — letting you choose the more affordable option.


Another one for that road-trip getaway, think of iExit as a high-tech update of one of those highway road signs, telling you everything you need to know about the exit ahead.

XE Currency

This is a very functional free app for converting currency, and it works offline — just in case you need to calculate in a low- or no-service area. Not the flashiest app, but very helpful if you’re planning on traveling the globe.


Never search through your emails for a travel confirmation again. This app takes all the information from those emails and arranges it into a neat itinerary so you can stay organized on your trip.


While most city dwellers probably already have travel apps like this, it’s worth reminding those who don’t have use for it every day that Uber can be a lifesaver on vacation. Easier, and often more affordable than any car service looking to usher you to your hotel from the airport, make sure you download this app before taking off.