Tech to Royalty: The 5 Best Modern Technologies You Must Have at Home

Modern Technologies

Technology is continuously progressing year after year. A lot of inventions have been created and made available in the market today. Technology makes you live comfortably and conveniently. Instead of doing complicated tasks, technology will do it for you.

There are modern technologies for medicine, education, business, food, and even for different lifestyles. These technologies aim to assist you in whatever you do with productivity and efficiency.

You might also be needing these stuff to help you do a lot of house chores at home. Take a look at the following technologies that will surely let you live at your own home with comfort and convenience.

Doorbell Nest Hello

If you are a person who always gets tired of opening the door when someone is knocking outside, Doorbell Nest Hello is a technology designed for you.  When someone is in front of your door, you can check your phone to know who it is.

It has a built-in high definition video camera. It also has a microphone and a speaker. Wherever you are, even if you are miles away from your house, you can access the Doorbell Nest Hello. You can view the camera, and use the microphone and speaker when you want to talk to the person knocking in front of your door.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Carefully cleaning the floor or the carpet of your house might give you a headache. It’ll require your time and effort to finish the chore. You might have a backache after a few hours of bending your back while holding the handle of the vacuum cleaner as you sweep the nozzle back and forth.

For you not to experience these things again, you can use the Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It has a precise edge brush that will carefully clean your floor and carpet in all parts of your house. It takes dirt, debris, and any particle from the floor. The best feature of this technology is that it scans and maps your home and do the cleaning from room to room.

Self-Watering Planter

If you are a nature-lover person, and you consider gardening as your hobby, but you don’t have enough time to do it every day, self-watering planter will be a big help for you.

The technology will take care of your plants most especially if you’re away from home for a vacation. Fill up the Smartpot with water and fertilizer, and the technology will sprinkle enough amount of water to the plants for the whole month. Even if you don’t personally take care of your plants, the technology will do it for you by feeding your plants every day.

The self-watering planter is best for people who are so busy at work and who often travel. At the same time, they love to plant flowers in the backyard, and even setting indoor plants in the interior parts of the house. Thus, the technology will be of significant help for you in doing your tasks and hobbies simultaneously.

Robotic Clocky Alarm

If you always have difficulty waking up early in the morning, setting the alarm will be the best option for you. There are a lot of alarm clocks available in the market today. However, Robotic Clocky Alarm is the best choice among the others.

You might have experienced waking up in the morning when your clock alarmed in a time you’ve set. After turning off the alarm which is just right beside you, you tend to stay on your bed, slowly close your eyes, then go back to sleep. The next thing you would know is that you’re already late at school or work.

To avoid these things from happening, Robotic Clocky Alarm will be the best solution for you. The technology will give you a loud alarm noise in a time you’ll set. Then, you tend to turn it off right away and go back to sleep. However, Robotic Clocky Alarm will run around your bedroom and will continue beeping loudly.

The purpose of the technology is to make sure that you’ll get up from your bed to turn off the alarm and don’t go to sleep again. Hence, you’ll never be late at school or work. It’ll help you not to oversleep, and wake you up at the right time.

Smart Faucet

This technology has been used by big companies, establishments, and businesses, as well as by different homeowners. It helps minimize water and energy consumption. Thus, monthly bills will significantly decrease in time.

When you use a regular faucet, you still have to turn it on by pressing any button or twist any handle for the water to flow. The Smart Faucet is a technology that is hands-free. You don’t need to touch any button or handle. Just put your hands below, and the faucet will give out water. The moment you remove your hands, the faucet will stop right away.  


Technology always gives you a chance to make use of the time effectively and efficiently. It also opens more doors of opportunities for you to take and use as platforms to showcase your knowledge, abilities, and skills.

The technologies discussed above are just a few of those available in the market today. There are many other modern technologies designed for home improvements as well as for helping people live in their houses like princes and princesses, like smart trash can, smart lock, etc. Don’t wait any longer. Purchase them now and start living like one.

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Ivan Palen is a freelance writer. He loves writing about home improvements especially kitchens and bathrooms. Ivan is an advocate of kitchen design with kids in mind, as well as designs for elderly, sickly people, and even for physically challenged people to keep them safe and sound.

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