How to Inject Style & Class into Your Living Room

Style & Class into Your Living Room
Actual Model Unit: Living Room of 1-Bedroom Unit

NegosentroHow to Inject Style & Class into Your Living Room | Your lounge or living room is perhaps the most important room in the whole of your home in which you should pay the most attention to the décor and general feel, mainly as this is the space where you are supposed to relax and recharge for an evening. 

So, with this in mind, if you are looking to redecorate your living room and want a slice of luxury, then continue reading to learn how to inject style and class into the space. 

Window Treatments

When you first walk into a room, one of the main focal points will undoubtedly be the windows, and as such, the quickest way to make your lounge feel significantly more luxurious almost instantly is to invest in some beautiful and eye-catching window treatments.

Such window treatments could include one or indeed a combination of the following:

  • Wooden or metal shutters
  • Pleated blinds
  • Traditional drapes 
  • Roman shades
  • Panel tracks
  • Café curtains 

Indoor Plants & Fresh Flowers

Not only can beautiful and low-maintenance indoor plants lift the overall tone, mood, and general atmosphere of your living room, but they will also serve to lift your own mood as well. 

Remember, unless you are a particular fan of flowers and are looking to fill your room just like the window of a florist’s store, less is more, and one huge, stunning bouquet of flowers on your mantlepiece or in the center of your coffee table will really make a difference. 

Ornate Tile Borders

Traditionally, when you think about ornate, Victorian outdoor tiles, you imagine the walls and pathways to the conservatory or back door as the ideal location, but for a really stylish and certainly modern addition to your living room, you could consider a tile border.

The beauty of adding tiles to your wall, either in one corner of your room or above the fireplace, is that not only will they create a fantastic focal point but will also serve to elevate the luxurious feel of your living room as a whole. 

Splashes of Metallic Decor

Metallic homeware, ornaments, and even hardware on light switches are a fantastic way of adding a splash of color along with a heightened level of style and sophistication.

It is important, however, to balance these small additions in a way that they do not eclipse other elements in the room, and moreover, if you do accidentally overdo it when it comes to the addition of various metallic homeware, it can serve to not look classy and actually have the opposite effect. 

Dimmer Light Switches 

Finally, the simplest way of all to make your living room area significantly more inviting, warm and stylish is to experiment with your lighting. 

Not only in your living room but throughout your home, specifically in those areas where you go to relax and unwind, such as your bedroom and the bathrooms, dimmer switches will not only create a classier feel but will also help you save money on your energy bills.

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