Spearfishing – Health and Safety Issues That Divers Need To Keep In Mind

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James Cavill, NegosentroSpearfishing is the sport of stalking fish underwater and shooting them with a spear gun. The swimmers typically free dive and do not use scuba diving equipment like air tanks. Even though it is generally classified as an extreme sport, in real terms it is moderately dangerous. However, you need to ensure that you take care of the basic health and safety issues, otherwise, it is best for you to not to undertake spearfishing.

Top Precautions to Take

People tend to assume that sharks and other dangerous fish are the worst hazards that you will encounter while spearfishing. In fact, more than fish, people are often the biggest health and safety hazard in spearfishing so make it a point never to spearfish where there are already other people present or likely to be. It is also very important to self-evaluate your fitness and stay away if you think that you are not fit enough, especially, if you have any problem of the heart or lungs or any infection of the ear.

Don’t Invite Danger

Remember, you increase the level of danger as you dive deeper. It is best not to dive alone but to have a partner who can watch out for you while you are diving because you might just need help if you suffer from a blackout when resurfacing from the deep or come under any other threat from the environment or any other animal. It is best not to go beyond your physical capabilities by entering the sea when it is really rough, staying down under the water for too long or even going out too far or deep. It is really very important that you wear a proper free-diving wetsuit and carry equipment like gloves, fins, and a diving knife.

Stay Away From Danger Posed By Animals in the Water

When going spearfishing, you should always ask for the advice of locals for the best spots and the hazards that can be expected. You should never try to hunt animals that are too big and dangerous like killer whales, sharks, sting rays, conger eels, seals, etc. Predators in waters can be extremely aggressive; so, it is best to keep a sharp lookout for them and stay away from their path. It helps to approach the most reputed Florida Keys spearfishing company for the best information about the hazards in the local waters.


Whenever you are going spearfishing, you must tell someone on the shore of your intention and schedule, so that he can inform the authority if he has not heard anything from you after a reasonable time. While you should try to stay with your partner, even if you split up never stray out of the pre-defined area, and make it a point to join up after a pre-determined time. Try to pick a spot that is visibly clean and away from sewerage outlets and other sources of dirty water that can spread infection and disease.

Author Bio: James Cavill is a spearfishing instructor working for the oldest Florida Keys spearfishing company. James writes articles on spearfishing issues and hazards.

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